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Campground Wristbands: Ways Campgrounds Can Use Wristbands

Springtime is right around the corner which means camping season will be underway. As you begin to prep your campsites and parks for spring and summer campers, make sure your campground is taking advantage of all of today’s opportunities. When it comes to wristband options, here are 6 ways your campsite can use wristbands this 2022 season:

Campground Wristbands: Ways Campgrounds Can Use Wristbands

1. Cashless payment option

With RFID wristbands, guests can make purchases with a flick of a wrist. RFID wristbands are great for multi-use purposes throughout your grounds including supply stores and on-camp activities like mini-golf, go-karts and more. With safe, secure pay options, this incentivizes your guests to spend more at your site.


2. Provide security for overnight guests

Give overnight guests vinyl or plastic wristbands as a way to safely monitor your grounds for unidentified persons. Vinyl and plastic are not only waterproof, they are also designed for multiple day wear and cannot be transferred to another person.

Campground Wristbands: Ways Campgrounds Can Use Wristbands

3. Monitor admission for day visitors

Save time for your staff members with wristbands—a quick way to determine who paid to enter the campsite for the day. Tyvek® wristbands are cost effective and come in eye-catching colors to quickly identify your staff, seasonal employees and guests.

Pools and Waterparks can use wristbands

4. Monitor admission for pools or waterparks

Pools and waterparks can draw crowds. If yours is open to the public, ensure that they paid admission with a wristband. Tyvek®, vinyl, or plastic wristbands are waterproof and can’t be transferred to another person. Staff can easily identity who is a patron and help with overall crowd control.

Campgrounds can use wristbands for brand recognition

5. Brand Recognition

Word of mouth is a great promotional tool but so are wristbands! Guests wearing customized wristbands with your logo are an inexpensive billboard, helping generate more business for you and your campsite.

RV Parks can use wristbands for souvenirs

6. Souvenirs

Let your guests relive all of the fun they had by selling custom silicone or cloth wristbands at your store. With complete customizability, you can create eye-catching wristbands that act as memorable reminders for them to return to your campground.


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