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Summer Activities That Use Wristbands

Summer means fun in the sun including summer break and vacations. As your organization prepares for the influx of customers, consider how wristbands can make your guests’ experience even more enjoyable. Here are some of the top activities that use wristbands in their summer season:

1. Pools, Waterparks, or Beaches

Ensure that admission is paid. Tyvek®, vinyl, or plastic wristbands are brightly colored, waterproof and cannot be transferred to another person. Tyvek® is great for one-day use such as at a waterpark, while vinyl or plastic can be used for longer events such as summer camps. Wristbands are an easy way to verify height so only kids of the right height may go on specific waterslides or water rides. Wristbands may also be used as a safety precaution to reduce drowning incidents. Kids of different ages or swimming abilities may receive different color wristbands to control access to certain parts of the pool.

Pools, waterparks, or beaches can use wristbands

2. Staying at a Hotel, Campsite, Condo, or AirBnB

Wristbands are a great way to ensure the safety and security of your guests and staff. For campsites, managers may easily identify overnight guests versus day visitors who may want to utilize the pool, shared common areas or other amenities. RFID wristbands may be used as hotel room keys and as contactless payment option for on-site amenities such as snack bars and souvenir shops.

RFID wristbands can be used as keys for hotel rooms

3. Summer Camps, Summer School, Kids' Activities

Colorful Tyvek® wristbands may be used to keep track of participants at camps and other group outings. For camps with multiple age levels or groups, wristbands are an easy way to categorize participants so they stay with their designated group or remain in specific areas. In those groups, let staff know about participant’s specific needs such as allergies, medical conditions, or dietary restrictions using silicone wristbands. Specific-color or customized wristbands may alert staff so they can be extra cautious around mealtimes or during specific activities. At the end of the activity, the wristbands can be used as a souvenir or keepsake.

Summer camps and summer schools can use wristbands

4. Nightlife

Bars, nightclubs, and concerts can benefit from using wristbands for a variety of reasons.

An inexpensive, brightly-colored Tyvek® wristband is an easy way to determine who paid admission and may be used for crowd control and security. Wristbands help staff easily verify that patrons are over 21 years old. Cash tag wristbands are a quick way to determine how many drinks someone already enjoyed (and how many they have left) when it comes to drink specials. Lastly, you can instantly spot your VIPs – whether it is the individuals that opted for table service, premium bottle service, or VIP lounge access, wristbands let your staff and these guests know they are special.

Summer Activities That Use Wristbands

5. Amusement Parks, Fairs, Festivals

Wristbands are perfect for special promotions such as “all you can play” or “all you can ride” options at amusement parks, fairs and festivals. Wristbands can serve as the ticket to easily monitor who paid admission, and may include numbering or barcoding to ensure validity with your custom logo or graphic.

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Summer fairs and festivals can utilize wristbands

6. Sporting Events

Wristbands help make sports safer and fun: managing access, giveaways, group identification and ticket sales. Security jobs are easier by making sure no one enters restricted areas such as suites/boxes, locker rooms or offices. Wristbands such as Tyvek®, vinylcloth, and plastic, are non-transferrable and completely customizable. Lanyards may also be used to monitor restricted areas only for badge holders such as employees or members of the media.

Silicone wristbands are an inexpensive giveaway product that may be easily customized and promote your team’s brand to its biggest fans. Wristbands are an easy way to monitor access and make certain that resources such as specialty food and beverage purchases are only consumed by individuals in particular groups. Wristbands also serve as the ticket to easily monitor who paid admission that may include numbering or barcoding to ensure validity with your custom logo or graphic.

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Sporting events can use wristbands for crowd control, giveaways, and more

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