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Paper Wristbands or Plastic Wristbands

You probably thought the question between paper and plastic was reserved exclusively for the grocery store. Not anymore! In this article, we will compare paper wristbands to plastic wristbands. Paper and plastic are two of the most common wristband materials each offering different unique benefits. Our goal is to be a resource to you as you begin planning your next event or fundraiser. After all, researching and ordering wristbands should not consume any more of your time than it has to. When you’re deciding between paper and plastic wristbands, there are two big things you should consider—cost and durability.

paper wristbands or plastic wristbands


Event planners are often given a budget for the event they planning. Wristbands will probably never be your biggest expenditure. However, if you are expecting hundreds or thousands of attendees, wristbands will put a dent in your budget. Paper wristbands are the least expensive material.

If this is the route you are leaning toward, it is important to keep in mind that many of the “paper” wristband products you find on Amazon or eBay are made from a cheap synthetic material that feels a lot like scotch tape. While you might be able to save a buck by going with these, your guests will likely experience some type of skin irritation from prolonged use. Our bands are made from high-quality recyclable Tyvek, which fits comfortably and is completely customizable.

Plastic wristbands are also designed to be comfortable and customizable, but they do cost more. As of January 2023, a pack of 500 bands costs $48.95. On the other hand, a pack of 500 paper wristbands costs only $17.90. Part of the reason plastic wristbands cost more is that plastic material costs more. They also require a snap closure that ensures that the band stays on until cut with scissors.

paper wristbands or plastic wristbands


When choosing the right type of wristband, there isn’t really a clear-cut answer. However, something you should consider before making a purchase is the durability of the wristbands. Plastic wristbands offer more durability than paper wristbands, but if your event only lasts a day or two, paper wristbands are the way to go.

We typically recommend plastic wristbands for events lasting up to a week, or for events that take place outdoors. Paper wristbands are great for short-term use (up to 48 hours). You typically see these used at charity fundraisers, waterparks, and concerts to name a few. Each band type is tear resistant, waterproof, and can be customized to fit your branding.

Customize Your Wristband to Your Event

Regardless of the style of wristband you choose for your event, adding customization adds an element of fun to your boring old wristbands. We pride ourselves on making this an easy process for you so you can get back to planning important aspects of your event. Simply follow these steps to create the perfect wristband!

Step One: Select Preview Colors

These preview colors are simply to help you visualize your amazing design. You will select colors and quantities in a later step. Select your band color as well as your imprint (font) color. When you are done, click Next Step.

Step Two: Add Text

To begin, click Add New Text. From here, you can experiment with different fonts and font sizes. Keep in mind that you can add more than one text box by selecting Add New Text again. Feel free to play around with this until you create the perfect design. Be sure to check your spelling. Our machines cannot proofread for you and will print whatever is given to them. When you are ready, click Next Step.

Step Three: Add Graphics

To begin adding graphics, simply select Add Graphic. Then click Change under the box that reads No Logo. From there, you can choose clipart that we have free and available to you, or upload your own graphics or logo from your computer. Be sure to view all of our graphics by browsing through the dropdown menu. When you are done adding graphics to your wristband, click Next Step.

Step Four: Finalize the Design

Last call! Give your design one more proof. If it looks good, check the box that reads I approve this design. Then click Approve & Select Colors. Now you can select the exact colors and quantities you want for your next event. Once finished, add your designs to your cart and complete your order. We will get to work on creating your wristbands as fast as we can.

Need Support?

If you still have questions or need additional support, start a chat with a live representative in the bottom right corner of your screen. We look forward to helping you throw a great event with our quality wristbands!


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