Paper Wristbands

If you’re not sure where to buy paper wristbands, search no further… here at Wristband Resources, we offer a large range of paper wristband styles that will fulfill your every need. Interestingly enough however, while paper wristbands appear superficially to be made of paper due to their look, feel, and ability to personalize, they are much more complex than that. In fact, these wristbands are comprised of a fabric-like product called Tyvek®. Invented by the American conglomerate DuPont®, Tyvek® is a synthetic material made of flashspun, high-density polyethylene fibers. These fibers make for an exceedingly durable yet lightweight product that is difficult to tear and resistant to water. Items such as envelopes, house wraps, backpacks, even certain HAZMAT suits, and industries such as government, medical, fashion, and engineering- all can and do use Tyvek® in a multitude of ways. Of course, our favorite use for this ingenious material is wristbands.

As a leading manufacturer of paper wristbands, we make it a point to identify and solution our customer’s demands. Whether you want paper wristbands with a message, paper wristbands with logo, or completely personalised designs, we have you covered. We respect our customer’s requirements and offer paper wristbands in bulk, as well as wholesale opportunities for distributors. We understand your desire for product diversity and because of this, carry stock of blank Tyvek®, as well as make paper wristbands custom options readily available in voucher, duplicate number, and tab free varieties. Moreover, we keep your function requirements top of mind; whether you need security, age verification, or paper entry wristbands, trust us when we say we have the right size, color, and style ready and waiting to make your event or occasion go off without a hitch!