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How to Wear a Memorial Bracelet

Memorial bracelets help us remember a friend or loved one, an event, or simply raise awareness for a cause. Whatever the reason, these bracelets carry sentimental value for the person wearing them. It is almost like carrying a memory around your wrist wherever you go. Here at Wristband Resources™, we understand how meaningful a memorial bracelet can be, which is why we give you the tools to personalize your bands.

Common Questions About Memorial Bracelets

Are memorial bracelets worn on the right or left?

Truly, it doesn’t matter whether you wear your bracelet on the right or left wrist. This is up to personal preference. Often, people prefer to wear their bracelets on their non-dominant wrists unless they are also wearing a watch.

How long do memorial bracelets last?

Our bracelets are made from the highest-quality silicone. You can expect these bands to last years if they are treated well.

When do you take off a memorial bracelet?

Many of our customers always keep them on their wrists because they are tear-resistant, waterproof, and comfortable. In fact, they often forget they are wearing them.

How do I extend the life of my bracelet?

Here are a few things you can do to make your bracelet last longer:

  1. Keep out of direct sunlight. While a little sunlight won’t hurt anything, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause damage to your band.
  2. Avoid fidgeting. This is easier said than done. If you are prone to fidgeting, as many of us are, a rubber bracelet might be too tempting to resist. Nevertheless, if you are going to fidget, avoid unnecessary stretching.
  3. Avoid harsh chemicals. Chemicals found in household cleaning products may cause discoloration of your bracelet if exposed for too long. We recommend removing your bracelet before using any of these products.

how to wear a memorial bracelet

Memorial Bracelet Styles

We offer five different styles of memorial bracelets. The following are the different styles we offer:


Debossed silicone bracelets are made with a laser engraver or mold. Your design is sunken into the surface of the silicone band and can be felt. On the other hand, embossed bracelets have the design raised from the surface of the band. Wristband Resources™ allows you to personalize your bands by choosing your font, text size, and up to four graphics.


Our printed silicone bracelets are made using silk-screen technology. The way it works is simple. You customize the bracelet to your liking and we print it over the top layer of the band, leaving a smooth, sleek texture.


Ink-injected bracelets combine debossing and printing to create a great bracelet. First, we engrave your custom design into the bracelet before it gets injected with long-lasting ink. This guarantees that your design will be protected from wearing over time.

Color Coated

Color-coated bracelets are two-toned and fully customizable. The customization gets etched into the exterior layer of the band before being filled with ink matching the interior color of the band. This design displays the text more vividly and adds an artistic touch.

Designing Your Own Memorial Bracelet

Step One: Select Your Type

After reviewing our various silicone bracelet offerings, you probably have an idea of the type of bracelet you want. Go ahead and select it. Next, choose your band size. Chances are, a ½ inch band is what you are looking for as that is by far the most popular size. However, if a bigger design is what you desire, select a larger band size. More power to you!

Step Two: Choose a Band Color

We offer a plethora of different colored bands you can choose from. Go ahead and select the colors you would like and the quantities you need.

Step Three: Create Your Design

Now for the fun part! Using our custom configurator, you can play around with the different design ideas you’ve had. You can experiment with different text sizes, and fonts, and even add up to four graphics! Have fun with this, but be sure to double-check your spelling. We can only create the designs we have been given.

Step Four: Finalize

Once you finish creating your amazing design, just select your shipping and production time, approve your design, and add to the cart. You know the rest.

We Are Here to Support You

If you have further questions about creating the perfect memorial bracelet, look no further! We are here to help. Simply start a new chat with a live representative by clicking the chat feature on the bottom right corner of your screen!

Thanks for reading!


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