Custom Memorial Wristbands - Remembrance Bracelets

We Will Remember Them Wristband

Custom memorial wristbands & bracelets are a simple, cheap, and profound way to commemorate a lost loved one. Also referred to as remembrance, tribute, and/or celebration of life bands, custom name wristbands and bracelets for memoriam purposes are usually made with our silicone style because they are…

  • Non-allergenic (lead & latex free)
  • Cost effective (especially in comparison to fine jewelry)
  • Durable & reusable (perfect for everyday wear)
  • Completely customizable

These meaningful keepsakes can be purchased as single items or in bulk, with the latter used prevalently amongst family & friends. Many of our silicone styles can also be personalized, manufactured, and delivered within the same week, making them ideal choices for wakes and funerals (as there’s usually not a lot of time to prepare for these types of services). Not to mention, regardless of how vast or diverse the group of people- whether you need custom bands for children or customized bracelets for guys- we have silicone solutions to satisfy any need. Offered in 6 band widths, 6 inscription styles, youth/adult sizes, and with individual bagging and keychain options, our silicone bands are universal.

Types of Rubber Memorial Bracelets

There are many different kinds of custom made memorial bracelets depending on who the person was/what they did. 2 common commemorative bracelets are for police memorials and military memorials. 

Police Wristband

Police remembrance wristbands are specifically designed to remember police men/women that have passed away. These wristbands are known as the thin blue line memorial bracelet to represent the police. Adding the officers name and department is another addition to make the rest in peace bracelets more unique and meaningful. Also, many people add "E.O.W." with the date meaning the end of watch date.   

Custom Military Memorial Wristbands

It is very common to design wristbands for memorial services on a green camo silicone bracelet since camo symbolizes the military. To make the camo army rubber bracelets meaningful, add customization to them. Just by adding the words "Save Our Troops", it can automatically let someone know what the bracelet is for. In addition, adding the persons name and date is very common for custom military memorial bracelets (also known as save our troops wristbands or kia bracelets). This is a special way to make your military remembrance bracelets stand out and make them more meaningful.

Military silicone bracelets are commonly handed out at funeral services for everyone to wear as long as they can. It's an easy and comfortable way to remember loved ones that have passed away in the army. Military silicone bracelets are well worth it because they do not break or tear easily since they are made from 100% silicone material. The material is SDS certified, latex and lead-free, and resistant to heat, chemicals, and UV light, meaning the army rubber wristbands are made out of good quality material that will last years. 

Memorial Bracelet Sayings

When it comes to designing custom made bracelets for guys, ladies, kids, and/or pets who’ve passed away, anything goes! Some of the more frequently used elements include: name or nickname; date of birth - date of passing; graphics/art; attributable motto/saying; prayers, psalms, and Bible verses. Naturally, there’s a plethora of phrases,  icons, and sayings utilized for memorial bands, but some of the more conventional examples are:

  • ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’
  • ‘R.I.P’ or RIP (‘Rest In Peace’ & ‘Rest In Paradise’)
  • ‘Forever In Our Hearts’ & ‘Always In Our Hearts’
  • ‘In Memory Of…’
  • 'We Will Remember...'

(our most popular memorial bracelet clipart images are attached below):


Similar to ribbons and pins, silicone wristbands are frequently used to raise awareness for organizations and initiatives, often doing so through the color of the bracelet itself. Likewise, when someone passes away from a particular disease or condition, a wristband in the correlating ‘awareness color’ serves to further honor that individual, as well as demonstrates continued support for the affiliated cause. There are many notable awareness colors used to honor those who’ve passed away. For example, if an individual diagnosed with epilepsy dies from a seizure, a custom epilepsy bracelet in the color purple would be fitting. Or to observe a veteran or fallen soldier, both our green and desert camouflage memorial wristbands are ideal options. Some related topics used for memorial bands include:

  • Medical & health (ex. cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.)
  • Social & political (ex. domestic violence, gendercide, smoking cessation, suicide prevention, etc.)
  • Nonprofit (ex. ASPCA, D.A.R.E., MADD, etc.)

But there are other recognizable themes for remembrance style bands that extend beyond just the color of the silicone. For instance, like said above, custom thin blue line bracelets were developed as a way for communities to show support to law enforcement. Representing the color of the uniforms traditionally worn by police, a thin blue line encircles the band and symbolizes the belief that officers serve as the ‘line’ that works to keep the public from descending into violence or disorder. Another common theme are ‘Killed in Action’ bracelets; worn by Afghanistan and Iraq War veterans, these bands are worn to honor fellow comrades killed in combat. Custom KIA bracelets typically feature a three-line formatting structure:

  • Line 1: departed service member's rank and name
  • Line 2: unit, date of death, and branch of service
  • Line 3: location of death (city/state/province/country/etc.)

The most common material used for personalised memorial bracelets for loved ones are silicone wristbands. Wristband Resources has many inscription styles and abilities, so the customization options are limitless. We have 6 different inscription styles where some include just ink, some are engraved/raised, or some with both (ink and engraved). Check out all of our options by clicking here so you can start to customize your in memory bracelets.