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Memorial bracelets are worn to remember a lost loved one. These meaningful keepsakes offer a profound and inexpensive way to commemorate somebody who made an impact on your life. At Wristband Resources™ we know how important it is to continue to show love to those who are no longer with us, which is why we supply only the highest-quality bands. Furthermore, we give you the tools you need to create memorial bracelets that are personalized to the one you are remembering.

Memorial bracelets

Memorial Bracelet Themes


When an officer dies in the line of duty, it is a tragedy. Loved ones and fellow law enforcement members often choose to display a black emblem with a blue line to show their love and support for fallen and active members of the police force.

Cancer and Illness

It is estimated that over 600,000 people per year in the United States will die of some sort of cancer. To show support for those fighting cancer, and to raise money for cancer research and treatment, many nonprofits sell cancer bracelets. there are many colors of cancer bracelets, each corresponding to a different type of cancer.

Military Service

Military memorial bracelets are often worn at funerals, fundraisers, and other military events to show respect for fallen and active service members. To remember someone who lost their life in active duty, many family members and friends elect to customize a camouflage memorial bracelet with the person’s name, rank, battalion, and life dates.

Design Memorial Bracelets

We make it very easy to design the perfect memorial bracelet by giving you a multitude of colored bands to choose from, unlimited text options, and up to four graphics. Using our amazing online configurator, you can create the perfect bracelet in just a matter of steps. Begin by choosing your preferred style.

Step One: Choose Your Style


Embossed memorial bracelets add a three-dimensional aspect to your design by raising your text and graphics from the surface of your band. With the touch of your finger, you will feel your design.


Debossed memorial bracelets are different from embossed ones. Instead of raising the text from then surface of the band, the design is engraved into the band with a laser engraver. It is also important to note that debossed bracelets have the longest lifespan.


Imprinted memorial bracelets are our most popular style. To create these, we print your graphics and text to the surface of the band using wear-resistant ink. This allows you to achieve the most design detail of any style.


To create ink-injected memorial bracelets, we begin by debossing your bracelet before filling your engraving with high-quality ink. This ink helps protect your bracelet from wear and tear.


These two-toned memorial bracelets are first debossed before being filled with ink matching the interior of the band. This creates a striking contrast that amplifies your text.

Step Two: Choose Your Band Size

Our ½ inch band width is easily our most popular size, but if you require a bigger design, you are going to need a bigger band. We offer sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 2 inches.

Step Three: Colors and Quantities

By clicking See All Colors, you can view our entire selection. We also have segmented and swirled colors for you to choose from. Enter the quantities of each color you need before moving on to the next step.

Step Four: Add Text

Choose an imprint text color if applicable, ad select your font and text size. You can add up to 60 total characters on your band. Some common phrases for memorial bracelets include:

  • ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’
  • ‘R.I.P’ or RIP (‘Rest In Peace’ & ‘Rest In Paradise’)
  • ‘Forever In Our Hearts’ & ‘Always In Our Hearts’
  • ‘In Memory Of…’
  • 'We Will Remember...'

memorial bracelets

You Did It!

Congrats, you just designed your first memorial bracelet! If you have any additional questions or require support, please give us a call at 888-373-0816. You can also begin a live chat with a representative by clicking the chat feature at the bottom of your screen.