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College Wristbands & School Wristbands

Whether you work at a college, high school or elementary school, you can utilize wristbands in a variety of ways that ensure school spirit and keep safety as a top priority. Here are some of the top ways schools and universities are using wristbands:

1. Admission/Crowd Control

Wristbands can be used to easily monitor who paid admission for sports games, tournaments, theatre performances, field days, school dances, and more. They are fully customizable with unique graphics, messaging, and colors. With an array of colors to choose from, tournament spectators may receive one color band, while players and coaches can receive another. They may even include numbering or barcoding to ensure validity and event safety.

Teacher with Lanyard

2. Manage Access/Identification 

Make sure no one enters restricted areas such as locker rooms, employee only areas or offices by using wristbands and lanyards. They are great ways to identify teachers, staff, parent helpers, and more when students or parents need the right person to talk to.  Wristbands such as Tyvek® are non-transferrable and completely customizable, helping ensure safety. Lanyards can also be used to monitor restricted areas only for badge holders such as employees.

College Wristbands

3. Community Outreach/Fundraising

Wristbands are an affordable and effective way to rally support and fundraise. Raise money for the school or for a special cause by selling custom cause/awareness silicone or cloth wristbands. These can be customized with the school’s name, logo, and colors.

Sorority sisters wearing silicone wristbands

4. Clubs or Organizations such as Fraternities and Sororities 

Promote your organization on campus by giving the members of your club, fraternity, or sorority a silicone or cloth wristband. It can be worn repeatedly and serve as a memento for all of the fun you had being a part of the organization.

Alumni with wristbands

5. School Spirit for Current Students and Alumni

Silicone wristbands are a fun way for students (past and present) to show school pride. They are perfect for special spirit events such as homecoming or even be worn on a regular basis. The wristbands may be customized to include the school’s colors, name, and mascot.  Classrooms or after-school programs could order silicone wristbands so students feel more connected as a group as they get ready for the school year.

Kids with wristbands going on a field trip

6. Child Safety on Outings and Field Trips

Tyvek® wristbands are a cost-effective way to keep track of students on a field trip. Different color wristbands can be used for different groups to easily organize them. The wristbands can also be customized with the school’s name and phone number so if a student is lost, they may quickly be re-united with their group.

Group of college students with wristbands

7. Welcome New Students

Starting at a new school can be scary for anyone. Make new students feel welcome on their first day by giving them a silicone or cloth wristband that they can use again and again. This also can alert teachers and other faculty that a new student has arrived and may need to ask for help.

Students and a teacher wearing wristbands and looking at a globe

8. Achievements

Wristbands may be used to reward a variety of things: great attendance, honor roll, student of the month, a star reader, etc. Some organizations use a system of three wristband levels, each three different colors. Once a child reaches a milestone in a class, they will receive the next color on the tier. This incentivizes students to achieve the highest level of wristband.

Girls wearing vinyl wristbands on carousel

9. Carnival/Festival

Wristbands can be used as a ticket. If your school has a carnival or festival, silicone wristbands can be used also a prize for a game. These wristbands can be customized specifically for the carnival or event so kids can remember all the fun they had.  Additionally, cash tag wristbands can be sold to monitor food sales. These can come with numerous tabs that would represent the number of food items that they can receive.

Boy in lunch line wearing Tyvek wristband alerting staff of a food allergy

10. Lunch Time

Lunch time can be very stressful for staff because many kids have allergies. Wristbands can be used to identify kids with specific allergies to ensure their safety. Each meal option can be associated with a specific color wristband so when kids are making their way through the lunch line, staff can easily serve them the correct meal. This can speed up the process and stop kids from forgetting what meal they signed up for.

Girl getting on the bus wearing a Tyvek wristband

11. Bus Routes

At the beginning of the school year, elementary students who take the bus might have a difficult time remembering which bus they need to take. To solve this, wristbands may be used to help them identify the correct bus and get home safely. Their school bus number may be written on their wristband or different colors can be used to represent each bus. It also makes the process easier for staff who are assisting students.

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