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About Custom Numbering

Custom number options are only limited by your imagination. Track the number of bands used, track your inventory, account for admission fees, use numbers to distribute prizes (drawings), and more. Custom numbering and unique codes can be applied to all the wristbands we produce. Just ask our sales team for their expert guidance. We offer custom numbered wristbands in our Tyvek, Plastic, and Viny styles. 

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Custom Numbering on Tyvek Wristbands

We offer custom numbering on our Tyvek wristbands. These wristbands are made exclusively by DuPont™ and is known for its tear resistant, comfortable, and lightweight feel. These wristbands have an adhesive closure making them purposeful for one time use. These are great for events where you are tracking attendants and crowd control. We have different sizes to choose from for custom numbered tyvek wristbands including 3/4" and 1" depending on how wide you want them. Having custom numbered tyvek wristbands will increase security for events because the numbers are great for accountability and gate entry.  

Custom Numbering Options for Plastic Wristbands

You can add custom numbering to our plastic wristbands too.  Our custom numbered plastic wristbands are great for extended periods of time over a week. The length and width of our plastic wristbands can vary depending on what you choose but generally they are 10 inches long and 5/8 inch wide.  This style of wristbands are comfortable, light weight, and provide extra security and wear time. They have a one time use snap closure which means the wristband has to be destroyed to be taken off, preventing reuse. 

Custom Numbering on Vinyl Wristbands

We also have the custom numbering option for our vinyl wristbands. This is the next step up from plastic because they are made out of it's three-layer vinyl construction. These also have the snap closure, preventing reuse. Because our custom numbered vinyl wristbands are very durable with their 3 layer material, it will allow them to last up to 2 weeks long while still being secure. These are great for ongoing events since they last longer than plastic and tyvek wristbands. 

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