Patriotic Lessons To Teach Kids About America

Written by Michele Wheat

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines patriotism as "the feeling of attachment and commitment to a country, nation, or political community." The United States tends to be a very patriotic country. This patriotism is highly visible during the July Fourth, Independence Day, holiday when people take to the streets wearing shirts with American symbols, waving flags, and wearing patriotic wristbands. Patriotism is more than just waving a flag once a year, of course. Children must learn about patriotism if they are to grow into well-informed, active citizens. However, Social Studies classes have taken a backseat to science, math, and technology classes as the importance of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) has skyrocketed. Civics classes are largely a thing of the past. The United States needs a citizenry that understands such patriotic ideals as the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance, what it means to live in a republic, and the meaning of liberty and justice for all. The responsibility now falls on families to teach these important concepts of patriotism to children. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help children learn these important concepts.


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  • Books for Teaching About Patriotism - Scholastic, one of the best-known publishers of children's books, offers a list of books to help teach patriotism to children. Their suggestions range from picture books to books suitable for Young Adults.
  • 4th of July Placemats - Looking for a simple activity for the Fourth of July? These activity placemats can be adapted to a variety of ages and abilities and be a valuable part of reinforcing patriotic principles.
  • Patriotic Bingo Boards (PDF) - These printable patriotic bingo boards will bring an element of fun into learning and identifying common patriotic symbols.
  • 110 Question American Patriotic Trivia Quiz - This quiz incorporates various patriotic facts into an interactive online quiz that's perfect for checking how well middle-grade children know and understand these ideas.
  • American Flag Trivia Quiz - The flag is perhaps the most important symbol of patriotism, and this quiz will expose children and adults alike to all sorts of facts about the history, creation, meaning, and etiquette of American flags.
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  • American History Quiz - PBS put together this fun online quiz covering American History, including the creation of July Fourth as the country's premier patriotic holiday.
  • Patriotic Coloring Pages - Young children will enjoy these coloring pages depicting various symbols of patriotism, which can be used as a visual during an age-appropriate conversation about patriotism.
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  • Stick Flag Craft - Every little patriot should have their own flag to wave, and this easy craft lets them create their own American flag.
  • Patriotic Practical Life and Math Activity - An experienced Montessori teacher put together a lesson that uses patriotic symbols to teach practical life and math skills. Young children will love these colorful manipulatives.
  • Lego American Flag - Kids love Legos, and parents will love this hands-on way for kids to learn about the American flag while enjoying time using a favorite toy.
  • Eraser Stamped Patriotic Tees - Who doesn't want to wear a themed shirt when attending a patriotic event? This simple, inexpensive craft lets children make their own patriotic shirts at home.
  • 15 Fun Fourth of July Games The Whole Family Will Love  - Reader's Digest assembled this list of outside activities that celebrate patriotism and provide lots of outdoor party fun for your July Fourth party.
  • Free Patriotic QR Code Rhyming Activities - Small children benefit greatly from rhyming activities. This activity, designed by an accredited teacher, blends rhyming with learning patriotic vocabulary. Additionally, this is a smartphone activity making it a perfect car game.
  • Teaching Our Kids Patriotism (video) - This short video teaches kids about the idea of American Exceptionalism.
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  • 10 Patriotic Songs for Children: Free Printable - What patriotic songs should all children learn? This handy list covers the National Anthem, classics like "A Grand Ole Flag" and other important songs celebrating America.
  • State Capital Bingo - Basic knowledge about America is an important part of patriotism. This printable bingo game will help kids learn their state capitals in a fun, approachable way.
  • Thinking About Patriotism - The Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility created this in-depth unit that requires teens to analyze patriotic primary documents and think deeply about patriotism.
  • Are You A Good Citizen - High schoolers are asked to complete a quiz and engage with discussion questions as a way to consider their own patriotism.
  • Museum Lesson Plans - The National World War I Museum and Memorial offers a variety of lesson plans that allow children and teens to engage deeply with a specific topic relating to patriotism or American History.
  • Protest and Patriotism (PDF) - The Smithsonian published this guide that asks children and teens to consider how protest can be a part of responsible citizenship and patriotism.
  • Patriotic Art - A school worked together to create Freedom Quilts. Be inspired to help kids craft their own Freedom Quilts after reading this article chronicling their experience with the project.