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Think back to the coolest festival, event, or resort you visited in 2018. Chances are, fabric wristbands from Wristband Resources were an essential part to its success and guaranteed you had an impressive experience to tell your friends about afterwards.

In this month’s blog, we’re sharing our top three ways we see  event planners use our fabric wristbands for an event to remember.  

#1 Music, Art, and Beer Festivals

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All of the top festivals have one thing in common: their objective is to create the most impressive experience from start to finish so that attendees - and talent alike – return year after year.

Our customers successfully do this is by designating access, VIP sections, and more with cloth wristbands customized with the corresponding access. Your patrons’ ability to gain access to the festival’s beverage or food options, meet and greets, and more is a simple wave of the wrist.

As any festival organizer knows, it’s important to prevent counterfeit/sharing of wristbands. Choosing our one-time-use plastic closure allows you adjust the size of the band, but it cannot be slid off the wrist to share with an unpaid patron.

Lastly, don’t forget about your talent, vendors, and crew members at your festival. You can choose as many designs as you need to maintain security at your events and ensure your talent are brought to the proper designated areas.

#2 Ski and Beach Resorts


The visitors of your ski and beach resorts are looking to get away from it all while having a great time. So, don’t make them have to remember a key card or a clumsy ticket in order to enjoy the upgrades.

Whether your guests hit the slopes or the beach, your cloth resort bands won’t fall off and are waterproof. Not to mention, cloth wristbands help crowd control and maintaining the safety of your resort guests. What’s more? Once they arrive home, they have a keepsake from their amazing time at your resort. Include any text, logos, designs, graphics you would like to make your wristbands pop!

Although we are in peak ski season, don’t forget to plan ahead for spring break, too. Our ready-made options include six colors that are available to ship within 24 hours (if ordered before 3:00PM CST).

#3 Weddings and Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

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Event planners and wedding parties alike want the Big Day to be one to remember. Many of our resort or tourist destination customers use our cloth wristbands as a gift to their guests to commemorate the wedding day for both the couple and their guests.   

cloth bands

What if your guests are the type to celebrate before the wedding? Then we have you covered there, too! Customized cloth wristbands make a great souvenir for people to remember their weekend away with their best friends. Our sublimation option (shown above) offers full-color imprinting so that you can put any design imaginable on each side of the wristband.

Ready to Start Designing Your Cloth Wristbands for 2019?

Our wristband experts are ready to answer questions and offer guidance on the right customization option for you. Reach out to us at 1-844-869-3172 or if you’re clear on your cloth wristbands needs, you can fill out our quote form here.

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