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10 Ways to Reuse Silicone Bracelets

Chances are, you found this article because you recently found that you have a collection of silicone bracelets that you want to repurpose. Too many people just discard these wristbands without even considering that they might still have value. Kudos to you for repurposing these! In this article, we will discuss new ways to reuse silicone bracelets.

#1 Seal Leaks

Did you know you can reuse silicone bracelets to temporarily seal a leaky pipe or hose? It’s true—simply tie the band around the leak tightly. If you have more than one, it might be wise to use more than one band to seal it until you can procure the right sealant to properly address the leak.

#2 Games

Does your company, family, or friend circle play a lot of games? Old silicone bracelets can be used to separate teams by those who are wearing a bracelet vs. those that are not. More than two teams? No problem—you can simply separate the teams by the color of their bracelets.

#3 Organization

Aside from separating people into different teams, you can color-code and organize things by the color of your wristbands. Only have one color? No problem. Simply just flip the wristband inside out and write on the edge of the band.

#4 Drink Markers

After a few drinks, it can be hard to remember which glass belongs to whom. Using old silicone bracelets, you can quickly label each beverage so they don’t get mixed up.

#5 Jar Openers

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t open a tight jar? We recommend keeping a silicone bracelet or two in your kitchen drawer for such situations. The grippy texture of the band makes it much easier to grip the lid and remove it from the jar.

#6 Landscaping

Young trees often need to be anchored to a stake or post to provide adequate support until established. Using a silicone bracelet, you can anchor the young tree until it can stand and grow independently. When it is time, simply cut the band and release the tree from the stake.

#7 Cables

You can consolidate the loose cords in your home using silicone wristbands. This prevents the, from becoming tangled and makes them look much more organized.


#8 Prevent a Sliced Apple from Browning

This might be one of the more obscure ways to reuse a silicone bracelet. Did you know that you can prevent a sliced apple from browning using a silicone wristband? Simply reassemble all the pieces of the apple and wrap the silicone wristband around the apple to keep all the pieces in place.

#9 Finger Exercises

If your fingers need some rehab or just a good stretch, you can reuse a silicone bracelet by placing all your fingers in the center of the band. To stretch them, repeatedly expand and contract your fingers. Do this enough and you will have strong fingers in no time.

#10 Toddler Lock

Got a nosey youngster who likes to explore? Using a silicone bracelet, you can secure cabinets by wrapping the band tightly around the cabinet’s knobs. Easy!

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