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Neon Wristbands – Custom and In-stock Event Bracelets

Wristbands are an effective tool for event organizers to verify that those at their event are in fact guests. Neon wristbands make this easy. The bright color of the wristbands stands out so you can quickly identify trespassers. When you create a custom design for your wristbands, it makes it even easier. In this article, we will discuss the different types of neon wristbands, and the advantages of each material. This article will also teach you how to design your very own custom event wristbands.

Vinyl Neon Wristbands

We offer six colors of vinyl neon wristbands here at Wristband Resources™. The reason why many of our customers choose vinyl is because of the durability of the product. Our secure, single-use locking snaps ensure that they will not slip off during your event. These bands are highly-durable as well. Our three-layer construction ensures that your bands are going to last a long time, making them perfect for multi-day events.

Plastic Neon Wristbands

Our plastic neon wristbands are perfect for extended wear. We recommend these wristbands for events that last up to seven days. These comfortable, lightweight bands are stretch-resistant and waterproof. These wristbands are also great for the outdoors, which is why waterparks, amusement parks, and summer camps often use them. Finally, these wristbands can be drawn on with Sharpie marker. This allows people to put their names and other information of them.


Tyvek (Paper) Neon Wristbands

Tyvek neon wristbands offer the most security of any material. These wristbands are guaranteed to stay on in water and are tamper-resistant. These bands are great for short-term, single-day use. This comfortable material is comfortable, easy to remove, and 100% recyclable. These bands are also sequentially numbered for added accountability.

Customizing a Great Neon Wristband

Choose a Reference Color

The first step in customizing the perfect wristband—after choosing a material, of course—is to choose a reference color for your design. If you are ordering multiple band colors, don’t worry. You will choose these quantities in a different step. For now, use this color to help you visualize your wristbands.

Adding Text

When you are done picking a reference color, click Next Step. Then, click Add New Text. Now you can choose the font and font size for your wristbands. When you are done adding text, be sure to proofread it. Our printing machines are not very smart and cannot correct spelling and grammatical errors for you.

Selecting Graphics

After adding text, click Next Step. Time to add some graphics. Click Add Graphics. From here, you can add a graphic by clicking Change. Feel free to browse our collection of clipart or upload your own. The choice is yours! When you are done, click Next Step and approve the order.

Select Colors and Quantities

Now that you are done designing your wristbands, go ahead and select the number of packs in each color. When you are done, be sure to click Add to Cart.

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