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Mental Health Awareness Bracelets and Green Ribbons

The green ribbon plays an important role in the world as it represents mental health awareness. Too often, mental health is overlooked. The reason might be a stigma people have against receiving care for past traumas and addressing present issues. For many, it is much easier to seek help for a physical injury or illness than it is to get help when their mental health is not good. Regardless, mental health is just as important as physical health. If fact, there is a strong correlation between physical and mental health. Green ribbons and green mental health awareness bracelets act as symbols that show support for those struggling with mental illness and aim to grow awareness.

How can I show support for a loved one struggling with mental health?

The most effective way you can show support for a loved one struggling with their mental health is through conversations and education. It is important that you can recognize symptoms of mental illness both in yourself and others. A few symptoms of a developing mental illness are:

  • Constant feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Changes in sleep habits
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Dramatic mood changes
  • Antisocial behavior
  • Loss of interest in things that previously brought happiness


If you notice that a friend or loved one is exhibiting any of these symptoms, approach them in a kind and open way. Make it known that you are concerned about them and love and accept them regardless. Listen to what they have to say. How do they feel? What factors in their lives might be influencing this behavior? It is entirely possible that your friend or loved one won’t want to discuss their mental health. If this is the case, do not badger them. Instead, make it known that you are there to support them should they ever want to talk.


If you successfully have a conversation about a loved one’s mental health, you should encourage them to take action to improve their mental health. Ideally, you would want them to seek help from a therapist, but this is a big and, frankly, intimidating step. If this is not something they are comfortable doing right away, you should encourage future conversations. You should also encourage behaviors that improve mental health, such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, meditation, and adequate sleep.


Today, there is a stigma against people with poor mental health, which discourages people from seeking much-needed help. When you learn that somebody is struggling with their mental health, it is important to treat them with kindness and compassion. Please note: this does not mean you should treat them like they are sick or different. They don’t need special treatment—they need your respect and love.

Why is green the color for mental health?

There are many reasons why green is the mental health awareness color. For starters, it is believed by some that green was used to label people who were thought to be insane. The other reason is that green inspires feelings of relaxation, calm, and peace. This is part of the reason why green rooms exist in production studios and theatres. The green color allows guests and performers to relax before they go out and perform in front of a crowd.

How can I show support for mental health awareness?

Aside from directly supporting your loved ones in their mental health journeys, you can show support for mental health awareness simply by discussing it openly. The goal of the mental health awareness movement is to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues and encourage those struggling to seek help. To signify your allegiance to the cause, many people use green ribbons and mental health awareness bracelets. These items and colors are not as widely known as other colors associated with different causes, making them excellent conversation starters.

Where can I get mental health awareness bracelets?

Green ribbon magnets are great for your vehicle, but if you are looking for something you can keep on your person at all times, we recommend green mental health awareness bracelets. These wristbands are completely customizable and are great for fundraisers and gifts. If you are looking for a mental health awareness bracelet that you can personalize with your message, Wristband Resources™ is the place to be. We offer multiple styles of silicone wristbands, giving you the ability to create the perfect bracelets.



Debossed silicone wristbands are made with a laser engraver or mold. Your design is sunken into the surface of the silicone band and can be felt. On the other hand, embossed bracelets have the design raised from the surface of the band. Wristband Resources™ allows you to personalize your bands by choosing your font, text size, and up to four graphics.


Our printed silicone wristbands are made using silk-screen technology. The way it works is simple. You customize the bracelet to your liking and we print it over the top layer of the band, leaving a smooth, sleek texture.


Ink-injected wristbands combine debossing and printing to create a great bracelet. First, we engrave your custom design into the bracelet before it gets injected with long-lasting ink. This guarantees that your design will be protected from wearing over time.

Color Coated

Color-coated wristbands are two-toned and fully customizable. The customization gets etched into the exterior layer of the band before being filled with ink matching the interior color of the band. This design displays the text more vividly and adds an artistic touch.

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