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Use Cloth Wristbands for Events

The Hidden Gem of Wristbands

When it comes to ordering wristbands, roughly 80% of consumers are looking to buy Tyvek® bands. Often referred to as “paper wristbands”, Tyvek® has a lightweight feel and almost paper-like appearance. This style is very strong and near impossible to break, making it the most recognized wristband on the market.

However, wristbands made from plastic and vinyl are also popular varieties because they’re heavy-duty and last for days or weeks. But if reusability is a priority, that’s when the rubber-like bracelets ‘Livestrong’ made famous come in handy. Otherwise known as silicone wristbands, these are a prime choice for those seeking a durable option that can be worn time and time again.

Aside from our Tyvek®, plastic, and vinyl wristbands, there’s one style that often gets lost in the mix. Cloth wristbands are a style that many have seen but don’t know much about. As your resident wristband experts, we’re here to educate you on all the advantages this wristband has to offer.

Use Cloth Wristbands for Events

The True Value of Cloth Wristbands

Objectively speaking, there are 3 main benefits cloth wristbands provide best:

  • Most Comfortable Fit
    • Every cloth band we supply is fabricated from soft, waterproof, polyester thread. The smooth, lightweight material means no sharp or rough edges rubbing against the wrist.
  • Longest Wear and Use
    • Cloth bands are stretch, tear, and shrink resistant. The fabric is impermeable to rain, heat, and certain chemicals, giving them the power to withstand any test of time (hours, days, weeks, even years).
  • Quick and Easy Application
    • With a cloth bracelet, you don’t have to spend the time lining up the wristband with die-cut adhesive, or snap closure with eyelet. Simply slide the cloth band over the wrist and move the beaded clasp upwards to get a snug and secure fit in under 2 seconds.

Additionally, we offer various personalization options intended to further exceed your expectations:

  • Full-Color Customization
    • Sublimated: also known as printed, sublimated cloth bands have a sleek finish and may feature any quantity of ink colors. These are perfect for intricate/photographic imagery.
    • Woven: the desired design is woven into the band creating a very natural fabric feel. Woven bands can feature up to 8 Pantone colors per unit, including bright neons.


  • Various Closure Types
    • Adjustable closure: allows you to tighten and loosen the wristband, giving you the flexibility to remove the band and reapply whenever you so choose.
    • Locking Closure: sliding bead that features small “teeth” on the interior; once pushed upwards to tighten the band around the wrist, the bead’s teeth sink into to the cloth and will not shift downward again.


Why Wristband Resources is a Cut Above the Rest

If you need to track attendance, advertise for your sponsors, or design souvenirs, cloth wristbands can fulfill any need. You may already know you want to use cloth wristbands and for what purpose. What you might not know is why Wristband Resources should be the company to help with your cloth wristband needs.

It can be hard to find an organization with a competitive edge when individual products don’t differ that significantly. That is why we work harder to deliver in the following aspects better than anyone else in the industry.

  • Ease of Ordering
    While placing an order online can be simple, customized product has the potential to become complicated. That’s why we do the work for you! Band style, quantity, art placement, delivery, special instructions…no matter the requirements or ideas you have, all you have to do is call us.
  • Speed
    Not only can we produce a quote on your cloth bracelets the same day as you contact us, but we can have your wristbands delivered in as soon as 5 business days. Order on Monday, arrive by Friday. That is how quickly we can get you your cloth wristbands.
  • Reliability/Credibility
    When we make a promise, we always follow through- no exceptions, no excuses. If we promise to deliver by a certain time, you can expect that. If we give you a quote for a particular price, we honor that. There are no surprises. If there’s one thing you can count on, it is that when we tell you something, we will make that happen.


In a world full of Tyvek® and silicone, we understand wanting to standout. Cloth wristbands consistently provide a superior look and feel to help you achieve just that. Learn more about our cloth wristband options or receive a free quote by calling our cloth wristband experts at 1-844-869-3172.

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