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Improve Bar/Night Club experience with Wristbands

At bars and nightclubs, making sure you are providing an enjoyable but safe experience is crucial, especially when managing VIPs, lounges, and events with alcoholic beverages. Wristband Resources’ wristband solutions can make your job easier. Here are the top six ways your bar or nightclub can use wristbands every night:

1. Verify Age

Assist your bouncers and bartenders with age-verification wristbands. Instantly spot who is legally able to purchase drinks with a customized Tyvek® wristband that is non-transferrable and helps prevent fraud.

Improve Bar/Night Club experience with Wristbands

2. Drink Specials

Cash tag wristbands are a quick way to determine how many drinks someone has already enjoyed (and how many they have left). These vinyl wristbands are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10-tab options.

Cash tag wristbands for drink specials at bar

3. VIPs/Promotions

Help your staff instantly spot Instantly spot your VIPs, including patrons that paid for VIP lounge access or bottle service, to ensure they receive excellent customer service.

Friends at nightclub wearing VIP wristbands

4. Manage Access

Make sure no one enters restricted areas such as VIP lounges or employee-only spaces with wristbands Tyvek® Wristbands are non-transferrable and completely customizable. Otherwise, custom lanyards are a great way to identify employees and security staff.

People dancing at nightclub wearing VIP wristbands

5. Souvenirs/Merchandise

Help your guests remember all the fun they had by selling completely customizable silicone or cloth souvenir wristbands with your bar or nightclub’s branding. These also act as an additional revenue generator.

Dancing at nightclub wearing cloth wristbands

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