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Awareness Wristbands Colors

Awareness Wristbands: Where it all Began

When you think back to 15 years ago, probably a few trends come to mind…trucker hats, studded belts, gaucho pants, velour tracksuits, just to name a few. And yet one of the most popular, well-known “fads” wasn’t derived from the runway or red carpet (although your favorite celebrity probably did wear one)… yes, in the mid-2000s, one of the biggest statement pieces to wear was that yellow, rubber-like bracelet emblazoned with the word “Livestrong.”

The Livestrong wristband’s unique and innovative appeal was that the proceeds from the bracelet sales went towards the Livestrong Foundation’s main objectives of helping people affected by cancer and endeavoring further research for the disease. To wear one meant something greater than just “being on trend;” it meant that you were championing those same efforts as well.

Due to the success and widespread attention the bands garnered, it didn’t take long for the concept to spread globally. Different causes and nonprofits soon started pairing their own organization’s colors with wristbands in the hopes of raising awareness and generating support and funds for their own missions.


Here at Wristband Resources, we believe in the power of raising awareness through the use of wristbands and carry a multitude of colors to choose from that allow anyone to quickly distinguish themselves as advocates of the causes most near and dear to their hearts.

Why Silicone Wristbands Reign Supreme for Awareness Efforts

Wristbands are known as “identification solutions.” This holds especially true for the purpose of raising awareness. To wear a wristband in the color or design representative of an organization or cause further identifies the wearer as an advocate or affiliate of that same enterprise. It often aids in the forming of bonds amongst people that share the same values, and serves as a unifier connecting people committed to the same cause.

And because people like to continually show their support, silicone wristbands specifically are the most popular choice for awareness purposes. Lightweight yet durable, with the ability to be taken off and put back on time and time again, this style band is perfect for long term use. And since our silicone bracelets have unlimited personalization options, they are one of the best low-cost promotional items one can use to show unity and generate support/funding.

To check out the different wristband styles we offer, see our Silicone Wristband Buying Guide

Awareness Wristband Color Standards and Months

Whether it be medical, social, environmental, political, etc., there are an abundance of colors representative of particular institutions or affiliations. Listed below are accepted awareness colors and just a few of the many causes they represent:

Light Pink: breast cancer, women’s health
Hot Pink: inflammatory breast cancer, cleft palate, gendercide
Red: heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, AIDS, MADD
Maroon: multiple myeloma, sickle cell disease, brain aneurysm
Orange: kidney & leukemia cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, ASPCA, motorcycle safety, world hunger
Yellow: sarcoma & bone cancer, support our troops/POWs/MIA, suicide
Yellow Gold (Amber): childhood cancer
Green: gall bladder & liver cancer, cerebral palsy, organ donation, mental health, missing children, literacy
Lime Green: lymph nodes cancer
Seafoam (Light) Green: Celiac disease, speech impediments
Teal: ovarian & cervical cancer, Tourette syndrome, food allergies
Light Blue: prostate cancer, men’s health, foster care
Cornflower (Periwinkle) Blue: esophageal & stomach cancer, eating disorders
Reflex Blue: child abuse prevention, diabetes, bullying, Parkinson’s disease, water quality & safety
Navy (Dark) Blue: colon cancer, arthritis, education, free speech
Lavender (Orchid): testicular cancer, epilepsy, cancer (all)
Purple: pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Lupus, anti & domestic violence
Violet: Hodgkin’s lymphoma
White: lung cancer, adoption, blindness, hope & support
Sand (Peach): uterine & endometrial cancer, invisible illness
Brown: smoking cessation
Grey: brain cancer & tumors, asthma
Black: skin cancer (melanomas), insomnia, anti-terrorism

There are also several recognizable color combinations used for awareness purposes:

Rainbow: LGBTQIA, marriage equality
Black/Red: Black Lives Matter
Blue/Red/Yellow: autism
Blue/Yellow: Down Syndrome
Blue/White: ALS
Blue/Red/White: patriotism, remembering 9/11

As our culture around raising awareness has grown over the years, especially with the advent of social media, the idea of celebrating, advocating, and educating at certain times of the year has developed as well. There are now entire weeks and months dedicated to learning and supporting various causes and their goals/missions around the world. Some of the countless causes commemorated by month include the following:

Awareness Wristbands Colors

Everyone Has a Cause or Organization That Means Something Special to Them


We work hard to provide the highest quality product and best service possible to ensure you feel supported in your own awareness efforts. Be sure to check out all of our silicone wristband offerings here

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