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Child Safety Bracelets and Admissions Wristbands – Adding Layers of Security

Security is a crucial component of any event or attraction. It is not enough to simply provide a fun and entertaining experience for your guests. Your guests deserve to feel safe, and creating a safe environment contributes to generating repeat business. Guests don’t want to return if they feel unsafe. There are many ways you can create a safe atmosphere. For starters, you can ensure that you have competent security staff. Furthermore, you should ensure that all of your staff know how to handle potentially dangerous situations. Lastly, you can use wristbands to add security. There are two ways to do this—admissions wristbands and child safety bracelets.

Admissions Wristbands

Admissions wristbands make it very easy to identify who should and who should not be at your event or attraction. How? Just look at their wrists. Providing your guests with a wristband when they enter allows your staff to easily verify that they are in fact a person who belongs there. Those without wristbands can quickly be identified as trespassers and removed from the function. You can even take your security a step further by issuing different wristbands for different days of the week.

Different Types of Admissions Wristbands

Wristband Resources™ offers a variety of admissions wristbands. Our bands come in three different materials—cloth, plastic, and Tyvek®.  Our cloth wristbands are very comfortable and made to fit any wrist. Plastic wristbands offer a new element of security. Each band contains a plastic snap closure that must be destroyed to be taken off to prevent reapplying. Lastly, Tyvek® wristbands are an economical choice. Referred to as paper wristbands, our Tyvek® wristbands are waterproof, tear-resistant, and comfortable.

Child Safety Bracelets

Duplicate Numbered Wristbands

Any time there is a large concentration of people at an event or attraction, children are the most vulnerable group of people. We believe that the safety of our youth is crucial, which is why we offer child safety bracelets for events and attractions. There are two types—duplicate numbered wristbands and identification bracelets. These wristbands are made from high-quality Tyvek® and have numbers printed on them. These wristbands have duplicates—one for the parent, the other for the child. When it is time to leave, a staff member must ensure that the numbers match, meaning that the child is leaving with the correct party.

child safety bracelets

Identification Bracelets

The other type of child safety bracelet is for identification. We all know that children are prone to wander and occasionally get lost. When that happens, you hope that you can reunite with your child quickly. To help, we make identification bracelets for children. These silicone bracelets come in many styles and are completely customizable. We recommend that you include your child’s name and your preferred phone number on the band. That way, if your child gets lost, an adult will know how to contact you so you can be reunited faster. Here is how you create an identification bracelet for your child.


Step One: Size and Style

We highly recommend you select printed as your style of silicone band. This will allow you to print noticeable text on the outside of the band. Next, choose the size of your band. Chances are, you won’t need a larger size than ½ inch, but it is your choice.

Step Two: Select a Band Color

Let your child select the color of his or her band. Be sure to input the number of bands you want in each color under the Youth section. We recommend you order a few extras. Kids are prone to stretching and breaking them, or losing them. It is always good to have a few spares.

Step Three: Add Text

In this step, you will add your child’s name, your phone number, and your address (optional). You can adjust the size of your text if you have a longer address. It is important to fit all the necessary text on your band. You can also add graphics to your band for a little extra fun!

Step Four: Finalizing

Lastly, do a quick proof of your text and make sure all the information is correct. Next, choose your address type and delivery data and approve your order. Simple!

Need support?

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