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Club Wristbands

No matter if you’re new to owning a bar or nightclub or you’ve been established for years, it’s important to evaluate your business operations and how they can be improved upon. Whether you’re looking to easily identify your customers and paid patrons, manage admissions/security, or verify ages, Wristband Resources' wristband solutions are the perfect way to accomplish some of your most basic company objectives.

Read on to see why our products are a preferred choice, as well as which top-performing wristband and lanyard styles we recommend, for those in the bar and nightclub industry.

How Are You Serving Your Target Demographic?

Wristband Resources' most established bar and nightclub customers stay popular and relevant over time because of their dedication to providing a high level of service to their guests. At the same time, they have identified the necessary ways in which to serve their target demographics’ needs. Whether it be new promotions, special events, or expanded service offerings, our bar and nightclub clients are consistently implementing creative and innovative experiences in an effort to keep their patrons coming back for more.

As such, we have seen how wristband solutions play an integral part in achieving these goals.  With a minimal upfront cost, both the customer and establishment benefit long-term.

Live Concerts, Trivia Nights, and Pub Crawls Made Easy 

Club Wristbands

Our bar and tavern clients are extremely familiar with the advantages wristbands and lanyards provide when it comes to managing operations. Consider popular bar events such as live concerts, trivia nights, open mic/karaoke, pub crawls, etc. and the amount of people that attend these events. It's therefore crucial to have a fast and efficient method for distinguishing patrons over the age of 21, as well as private party guests.

It can also be vital to uphold security and capacity restrictions on these occasions, so Wristband Resources' products have been designed to help you achieve those feats. Some of our most popular wristband options for bar and tavern owners include:

We also employ tamper-resistant closures on Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl and cloth bands, as well as offer sequential numbering and/or barcoding customization options. This means the ability to track your drink specials and crowd attendance is practically taken care of for you when using Wristband Resources merchandise.

Nightclub Owners Trust Our Identification Solutions - So Should You

Wristbands have proven to be a very effective tool used in the managing of processes and procedures in the nightclub industry. Many nightclub owners trust Wristband Resources' identification solutions for the following uses:

  • General entry and cover charges
  • VIP sections
  • Happy hour and bottle service exclusives
  • Special event access (DJs, contests, theme nights)

Once you decide what services and amenities you would like to track, it’s time to choose from our wristband and lanyard styles most trusted by bars and nightclubs. Some of these include:

Additionally, consider cross-promotional strategies such as silicone wristbands sponsored by neighboring businesses to draw more traffic to your event. Fully customizable, these rubber-like bracelets gifted to your guests serve as permanent keepsakes, allowing you to advertise your business long after your event has ended.

At Wristband Resources, we take your success in the bar and nightclub industry seriously. We are always developing new product and service features to help you maintain a secure, profitable establishment and atmosphere that’s comfortable and non-intrusive to your guests. Check out all of our wristband and lanyard options here and make sure you buy in bulk to save!

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