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Hotel & Waterpark Wristband Uses

Make a splash this season at your hotel pool or waterpark with Wristband Resources. Wristbands are an easy, affordable way to increase safety, ease and even create memories. Here are 5 ways your pool or waterpark can use wristbands this summer:

1. Admission/Crowd Control

Wristbands can serve as the ticket to easily monitor who paid admission. Pools and waterparks can insert custom graphics and messaging tailored to your organization’s brand. You can also add custom numbering or barcoding to ensure validity, helping your staff manage the crowd.

Fun at a waterpark using wristbands.

2. Manage Access

Make security’s job easier with wristbands. RFID wristbands can be used to limit access to hotel rooms, lockers, or employee-only areas. Wristbands such as Tyvek®, vinylcloth, and plastic, are non-transferrable and completely customizable. Lanyards  also can be used to monitor restricted areas only for badge holders, such as employees.

RFID wristbands can be used as keys for hotel rooms

3. Cashless payment system

RFID wristbands are a great contactless payment option for snack bars and souvenir shops all while increasing the speed of service and enhancing the guest experience. RFID wristbands can also encourage social media engagement by easily connecting with social media accounts for guests to instantly share digital memories.

RFID wristbands can be used as a cashless payment method

4. VIPs/Promotions

Help employees instantly spot your VIPs, such as the individuals who bought a large group ticket package, are celebrating a birthday or hosting a party, or purchased an upgraded admittance package.

Hotel & Waterpark Wristband Uses

5. Souvenirs/Merchandise

Wristband sales are a great revenue generator. Let your guests remember all the fun they had by selling silicone or cloth souvenir wristbands.

Wristbands are a great souvenir for your hotel, pool, or waterpark

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