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‘Delivering a best-in-class product at a fair price’ is a priority we strongly uphold here at Wristband Resources. Through the use of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, expert Customer Service Specialists, and innovative customization technology, we strive to ensure the highest competitive value across our product offerings. Because of this, we offer wristbands on sale that reflect further reductions in price but not performance. Our premier, 100% Tyvek® wristbands in particular are available in select styles with added cost savings. These wristband sales feature overstock or discontinued designs, perfect for short-term events where a general band pattern or color theme will suffice. We also carry another version of discounted Tyvek® where there are slight deviations in the bracelet design itself. These paper wristbands for sale contain minor cosmetic flaws that have no bearing on functionality and prove useful in situations where the wristband’s sole purpose is to provide identification or security.

To explore our current collections of wristbands for sale, please visit the Wristband.com pages above, or view our website only promotions and coupons.

Furthermore, we constantly review and update our pricing accordingly to guarantee the items we supply are not only constructed with superior craftsmanship, but also made available at a reasonable cost for everyone. This means that no matter the objective (generating awareness, fundraising, advertising/marketing your brand, etc.) or venue/end use (i.e. admission verification, crowd control, bar & nightclub, festival & concert), wristbands of superior, affordable quality are what we do best.

To view our custom wristband options of Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, silicone, and cloth, as well as lanyards, and their subsequent, economical pricing structures, click here.