Cash tag wristbands

Cash Tag Wristbands

Cash tag wristbands are used at events for rides, food, beverages, etc. because the cash tags are tabs that can be torn off which allows exact control of multiple activities. These wristbands are smooth, comfortable, and made out of a durable and recyclable 3-layer vinyl material. Vinyl wristbands have a one-time use plastic snap closure, so once attached the only way to remove the wristband is by destroying it.    

Vinyl Cash Tag Wristbands

We offer a vinyl cash tag – 3-tab wristband, and a vinyl cash tag - 5-tab wristband so you can choose how many tabs you need. This kind of wristband comes in stock and custom. We have a variety of vibrant colors to choose from and many customization features. You have the ability to customize the band itself along with each tab. Add text and logo/graphics to make the custom cash tag wristbands unique to your needs.

1" Voucher Tyvek Wristbands

Another material that is similar to cash tag bracelets are our 1” voucher Tyvek® wristbands. There is only one voucher to this kind of wristband, however, it has a serial number that matches the wristband, making them perfect for raffles. These wristbands are secure, tamper-resistant and have an adhesive closure. The closure is for one time use, so once you attach it, the only way to detach it is by destroying the band.

This kind of wristband can also be customized. Choose a band color, and start adding text and/or graphics to make it your own. This will increase security at your event because they will have their own design and can only be used one time.

Custom cash tag bracelets are very common at events that have beverages, food, rides, etc. It makes the experience more enjoyable for the attendees and staff because you won’t need to pay for food or drinks. This makes the lines go by quicker because people aren’t having to pull out their wallets and pay. All you do is swap in your cash tag for whatever you’re getting.  In all, it makes the process smoother and will give your guests a better experience.

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