Bar Code & Variable Data Wristbands

Barcode and variable data wristbands

For added security and tracking purposes, bar coding is the perfect answer. Our bar coded wristbands are checked prior to production to ensure readability. Bar coding can be applied to our Tyvek, Plastic, Vinyl, and Direct Thermal wristbands. Bar coding is a solution for tracking attendance levels for one event or visits to many attractions. The added security means no opportunity for counterfeit wristbands. They also can be used for medical purposes. Bar coded patient wristbands are an easy way to track patients information since it will be on their wrist. Wristband Resources accepts a variety of codes. Contact our helpful service representatives for assistance.



Barcode Tyvek Wristbands

Our Tyvek wristbands can have barcoding on them which is a great addition to an event wristband for checking attendance. These are great for short-term events that last up to a day or two. They have an adhesive closure for security purposes, only allowing people to wear them one time. This prevents reuse and swapping bands with others. These are made from DuPont Tyvek material making them durable and comfortable. We have many colors to choose from for your Tyvek barcode wristbands. 

Barcode Plastic Wristbands: 

Our Plastic Wristbands are durable and comfortable, that provide extra security and wear time. They have a plastic snap closure that prevents reuse. They are a great choice for multi-day use purposes since they are made from plastic material.  A bar code on a wristband that's made from plastic material is ideal for events or medical patients that need to wear the wristbands for a longer period of time because they will last longer than Tyvek Wristbands. 

Barcode Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are the next step up from plastic wristbands since they are made from its three layer construction. These also have the locking snap clousre like the plastic wristbands. These are very commonly used for hospital bands for patient information. These wristbands will last up to 2 weeks long while still being secure. 

Barcode Direct Thermal Wristbands

Direct thermal wristbands also have the capability to have barcodes. These wristbands are for you to print on them on demand with a direct thermal printer. They are designed to fit any size wrist and each band comes with a die cut adhesive closure so it must be destroyed to be removed. 

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