Lanyards Resource

The fundamental purpose of a lanyard is an easy one to understand… in the simplest of terms, they hold our valuables (keys, identification, USB drives, stopwatches, tools, etc.). They enable us to move about freely without restriction as their primary function is to suspend and support the objects we need access to when our hands or pockets will not suffice. Made from 100% polyester, our lanyards are durable, waterproof, and one size fits all. Just like our wristbands, our lanyards are fully customizable. We offer sublimated and woven styles; various hook types including lobster claw, bulldog, and keychain, to name a few; and add-on attachments including safety breakaways, buckles, and badge holders. While wristbands are our bread-and-butter, we’re just as knowledgeable and passionate about lanyards and the benefits they provide. Trust us when we say- we know how to make a darn good looking lanyard that will last for years to come! Read on to learn more about this item and see what sets it apart from other identification solutions.

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