Security Tags

Wristband Security Tags

Keeping a safe environment is important and one way to do so is by clear communication through security tags. Security tags are very common for identifying the condition an object is in. They can be used to communicate that the item is cleaned, sanitized, checked, done with the service, out of service, etc. Instead of using security tags, Tyvek, Plastic, or Vinyl wristbands are a great alternative due to their one-time closure increasing security. No need to worry about having someone switch the tags/wristbands up with each other since the only way to take them off is by destroying them.

Disinfected Tyvek Wristbands

There are many different types of security tags that can be made in a wristband form. Our security wristband tags can be used at stadiums, concerts, airports, etc. for bags/luggage to mark that it has been checked and ready to proceed. Another example would be using them as equipment tags and noting that they have been cleaned/sanitized. 

Wristbands can also be used as accident prevention tags that can say:

  • ‘Caution’
  • ‘Danger’
  • ‘Do Not Operate’
  • ‘Out of Service’

This is a way to keep everyone safe and to prevent accidents. For example, if equipment isn’t working, you can apply an accident prevention tag to avoid people from using it to keep them safe. In contrast, using wristband tags for when the equipment is ready to be used is a great way to notify and confirm that it has been fixed or repaired.

Custom Wristband Tags

You can customize your own wristband tags right on our website by choosing a color, size, and designing them with your own text and logos. For example, you can create your sanitized tags green with the text being ‘sanitized’ and your logo, and/or tags that say ‘not sanitized’ in red for the items that haven’t been cleaned.

Marking your objects/items with Tyvek security tags are a way to easily identify the condition the object is in. Not only writing the condition it is in, but choosing a specific color and size of wristband can make them stand out too. We have Tyvek wristband tag sizes including ¾” or 1” with over 20 unique colors to choose from!

How To Remove Wristband Security Tags

When the wristband tags are ready to be removed, they will have to be destroyed to be taken off. The Tyvek tag can be removed by scissors or by pulling the inside strand of the band that doesn’t have adhesive. The Plastic and Vinyl tags will have to be removed by scissors since the material is thinker and they have a snap closure.