Medical Wristbands

Medical wristbands contain the vital medical information needed to obtain proper assistance and care in the event of a medical emergency. Also called alert or identity bands, medical wristbands have the ability to communicate your needs in the most critical of situations, particularly when physical and/or verbal cues are not possible. Whether it be a physician, nurse, emergency responder, or even a stranger, custom medical wristbands can do the talking for you.

Hospital Medical Wristbands

Any style band can be used to make a medical wristband; the type you select may depend on the circumstance or environment in which your band is primarily being utilized. For example:

Tyvek® Medical Wristbands

While these paper-like bands may not seem conducive to health-related uses, the very nature of the material combined with the multitude of cross-functional purposes, makes them a preferred choice. Tyvek® is a non-toxic, antimicrobial, and pH neutral textile that is both strong and resilient. A one-time-use, cost-effective style, we see customers use these as traditional wristbands, but also for color-coding and tagging (for example: triage and screening areas). You can also write directly onto the surface of Tyvek®, so stock wristband colors can be customized manually and obtained last minute if you need to improvise. We offer same day shipping and next day delivery if you purchase Monday-Friday before 3pm CST.

Plastic Medical Wristbands

Assembled from specialized layers of polyethylene and polyester, plastic medical wristbands feature water, stretch, and tear-proof cores that are both flexible and comfortable. Equipped with formidable, locking snap-closures, plastic bands cannot be removed or transferred without evidence of tampering. This makes them reliable identification solutions, especially when the design conveys advance directives such as limb alert, fall risk, DNR, etc., or the wristband wearer requires additional assistance (pediatric and geriatric patients, for example). Available in a multitude of band colors and completely customizable, plastic wristbands provide that next level of security and reassurance medical professionals/facilities aim to meet.

Silicone Medical Wristbands

This durable and resilient style is made from 100% silicone (lead and latex free). Reusable, waterproof, and resistant to heat, chemicals, and UV light, medical id silicone wristbands are perfect for those who need to display critical medical information at all times (for example: ongoing conditions/diagnoses like epilepsy, autism, Alzheimer’s/dementia, etc.; emergency contact information; food & drug allergies; medications; and special precautions such as ‘NO BP/IV this arm’ or ‘insulin dependent,’­­­­ to name a few).

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