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Club Wristbands

Could custom wristbands from Wristband Resources be the ultimate time-saving tool to operating your business and increasing your revenue? Take our quiz below to see if wristbands could be the answer to streamlining your day-to-day operations in a way that substantially – and effortlessly - improves your business.Image1_1.jpg


Question #1: Does Managing Attendance at Your Events Cause Stress and Errors?

The last thing you want to see happen are transactional errors. They lead to poor customer service and distrust from your customers.   

Many businesses evolve their point of sale process after enough errors happen that they must make a change. Why not take a proactive approach and create a process you can grow with?  With a more reliable approach to the checkout process, you can eliminate the errors that are costing you money and confusing your employees and customers.

Event wristbands from Wristband Resources can are a simple tool for stepping up your customer service operations without a lot of setup. Continue to question two to learn more.

Question #2: Are You Inaccurately Accounting for Your Customers?


Business owners spend a lot of time and money to get customers through their door. Once they are inside your business, how are you accounting for each person and not leaving money on the table?

A simple process for yourself and your employees to handle those transactions is invaluable. Our numbered Tyvek® wristbands take seconds to put on your customers’ wrists, and provide a visual confirmation of your paid vs. unpaid individuals. Dozens of colors – including PMS colors to match your business colors – make your identification armbands even more effective.

Additionally, wristbands allow you better track the traffic your business experiences, and properly plan inventory and staff accordingly.

Streamline your business with plastic or Tyvek® wristbands and your customers won’t be confused as to how to navigate your business, either. For locations such as pumpkin patches, apple orchards, or haunted houses, this can transform your customers’ experience.

Question #3: Is Your Business Seasonal? 


If you answered yes, there may be even more reason for you to use event wristbands. With an influx of customers, it can be easy for your employees to be confused or forget to provide necessary documentation for customers’ tours, special access, raffles, or other purchases.

Our guess is that you’re always striving to maximize your profits in the limited time of your season. Custom wristbands will utilize the time your customers are on your premises and provide the services they are looking for - and more.

Wristband Resources is always looking to be a leader in the identification solutions industry, which means we  offer the wristband materials and features that are important for your particular industry needs. Below are just a few features of our wristbands that make managing your business easier.

Custom Club wristbands

Not to mention, almost all of our wristband styles are waterproof, adjustable, made in the US, and tamper-resistant.

Let Wristband Resources Help Your Business Thrive

If you found yourself answering yes to many of our questions, maybe it’s time to speak with one of our customer service team members. We can offer our expertise in choosing the wristband solution that’s most appropriate for your business, and the most cost-effective. Our team is ready to help - contact us today!

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