A Look At Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Written by Michele Wheat

In today's world we utilize technology in our daily life. We use computers, smartphones, video games and many other devices that put a strain on our bodies. Using these devices can put an undue strain on our neck, back, eyes and our hands. In fact, one of the most commonly diagnosed ailments is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an ailment that affects the hands and wrists primarily, which causes severe pain for people.

To learn more about this ailment that is becoming more prevalent in our technological world that we live in, we have put together this collection of resources and information abut Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. We hope this helps you learn more about causes, prevention and treatment.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Defined

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Additional Resources