Cloth Wristbands

Order stock or customize cloth wristbands with personal artwork, messages, and/or designs! Cloth wristbands feature two distinct styles, Sublimation (designs imprinted onto the wristband) and Woven (designs woven into the wristband).

Cloth wristbands are designed to give you event a classier look and they can be more comfortable to wear. They are durable and will last for multiple days and we recommend them for 3 – 7 day use. Each band will come with a plastic closure that will allow you to adjust the size of the wristband according to each customer’s wrist. If you call in and order, you have the option to choose a 1 time use security closure or a closure that will allow customers to reuse the band. The closure you choose should depend on why you are using the bands. All cloth band orders placed online will come with the security closure.

Order our stock cloth bands on the site and they are ready to ship today. This will let you get the bands as fast as possible.

Due to the way that cloth bands are customized, you can choose between sublimation (designs imprinted onto the wristband) and woven (using the fabric we weave your design into the wristband). Sublimation bands allow you to choose any number of colors giving you the ability to get really creative and they are more comfortable then woven. Woven bands literally have the design woven into the band so you are limited to 8 colors. Please call us at 888.256.0816 to order custom cloth wristbands today. Please note that custom wristbands will add production time to your order.

Since our cloth wristbands are fully customizable, you are able to create something so unique no one else will have it.  Because they are made out of fabric, you can create some really detailed designs with them. Not only that, but you can truly make the band coordinated with you event allowing you to market you event. This also makes them a great souvenir that people will actually want to wear after they leave your facility.

Cloth wristbands are completely water proof so the design won’t wear off in the water. This means you don’t have to worry about people spilling on them, showering with them on or swimming with them. This allows you to know that you can let customers use these bands for reentry into your event.

Our cloth wristbands are 13.5” in length and 0.5” wide. When you call in to place a custom order, you can print on the entire wristband!