Cloth Wristbands

Order stock or customized cloth wristbands with personal artwork, messages, logos and/or designs! Cloth wristbands come in two styles: sublimation (designs imprinted onto the wristband) and woven (designs woven into the fabric of the wristband).

Please call us at 888.256.0816 to place a Custom Cloth Order!

Cloth wristbands are designed to give your event an upscale, stylish look and are comfortable to wear. Cloth wristbands are durable and will last for several days (we recommend 3-7 days), perfect for outdoor festivals, concerts, sporting or corporate events. Made from high-quality materials, cloth wristbands are not only comfortable and durable, they are stretch-resistant and waterproof.

In-stock cloth wristbands are available in popular colors and come with a plastic closure that allows the size of the band to adjust to each wrist and secure-locking (one-time use).

Cloth wristbands are fully customizable and are available in sublimation (designs imprinted onto the wristband) and woven (design woven into the fabric). Sublimation bands allows PMS-color matching, therefore offering unlimited color options and creativity. Completely customizable, sublimation allows for full-color imprint as well as different designs imprinted on each side of the wristband, bar-coded and custom numbered.

Woven wristbands are perfect for simple, bold graphics as the design is woven into the band, allowing up to 8 colors.

Cloth wristbands come with a variety of closures, ranging from secure (one-time use) to re-usable.

Our cloth bands are 13.5” in length and 0.5” wide.

Call 888-256-0816 to place a custom cloth order today.