QR code wristband

QR Code Wristbands

Need increased security at your next event? Or need a way to give people more information easily? Put a qr code on your wristbands to give guests easy access to more information. QR codes can be put on our Tyvek®, plastic, vinyl, or printed Silicone wristbands.

Tyvek® wristbands are great for events that are short term, lasting a day or two. These are very common wristbands at events as they’re a tougher, paper-like material. They are the wristbands with an adhesive closure so they can only be worn once. The next step up is our plastic and vinyl wristbands. These are our snap closure wristbands that are more durable compared to the Tyvek® wristbands because of their stronger material. These 3 types of wristbands can easily print a qr code especially if the wider band style is chosen. The wider the wristband, the easier it will be to scan the qr code.

To make it easier for the user, we recommend making your QR code stand out on your wristband. We’re only able to do black ink for the imprint color on the Tyvek® wristbands, however, plastic and vinyl have a variety of ink colors to choose from for the qr code. Choose a color that contrasts from the band color, so a camera can clearly see the qr code and be able to scan it within seconds. You won’t want guests having difficulty scanning, it’s supposed to be easy and convenient for them. If it is tricky to clearly see the qr code, users will get frustrated probably not even make it to your website to learn more information about your brand/event. 

We also do QR codes for silicone wristbands. This kind of wristband is reusable so they're not commonly used at events/ for security purposes.  We have many different inscription styles, but because qr codes have very tiny details, we are only able to make it work on our printed silicone style. We also recommend choosing a wider band size as that helps make the qr code clearer which then makes it doable/easier for the user to scan. 

Even though Tyvek® wristbands are very durable, Wristband Resources recommends using the plastic or vinyl wristbands for longer events because that way if guests need to use the qr code after the event, they can. People will be able to use Tyvek® wristband qr codes after the event too but Plastic and Vinyl last a little longer due to their material. If you are wanting the wristbands to last years, choose the printed silicone wristband. All of these wristbands are great for increasing awareness for your brand and website because people will be able to get to your website within seconds by taking a picture of their wristband QR code.

Uses for QR Code Wristbands

The main purpose for a wristband with qr code is to provide people with information. Whether this leads them to your website, social media pages, or a coupon, you will gain more brand awareness. The most common place for wristbands with QR Codes are at events because they can be used for registration or for easy access to the event website for more information. They also increase security at your event so not just anyone can walk in with any wristband. They need the wristband with the qr code on it. The second most common use is for medical purposes. You can track patients’ information by adding a qr code to their wristband. It’s a convenient way to get their information since it’ll be right on their wrist.

Overall, wristbands that have a qr code are very convenient and can be used for many different reasons. Guests can easily access event information or doctors can collect patients’ information within seconds. It’s super easy too! Just grab your phone camera and hold down on the code which will then lead you to a URL/website. Also, don’t forget it’s great for increasing security at your events!

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