Rainy Day Activity for Your Child With Autism

Written by Michele Wheat

It's often challenging to recognize someone who struggles with a spectrum disorder. Autistic children usually look just like other kids from the outside. Spectrum disorders generally involve a range of issues, often affecting people uniquely. People with autism may struggle with developing social skills, they may experience sensory overload in many situations, and they tend to exhibit specific sets of repetitive behaviors. Autistic people also struggle with communication, both verbal and nonverbal. Providing autistic children with opportunities to express themselves artistically can have a variety of benefits. Just the acts of working with different art mediums is often calming for children with spectrum disorders.  They may enjoy painting, making crafts like wristbands and collages, completing a puzzle, or doing a science experiment. Kids can also benefit from expressing themselves artistically, especially if they struggle with communicating.  Choosing activities with positive sensory stimulus can help a child with autism develop and socialize while having fun.