Golf Wristbands

Use vinyl cash tag wristbands for golf outings! Prepay and remove the cash tags to pay for drinks throughout the day. Enjoy a hassle-free experience on the course.

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Golf Wristbands 

Golf is a popular past time for so many people, beginners and veterans alike. Come warm, sunny weather, you can expect your local course to be crawling with patrons wanting to play a few holes. Golf courses are also popular venues for fundraising events in the summertime. They typically offer a kitchen and bar area for refreshments, spacious shelter areas for guests, and plenty of holes to play as part of an amazing fundraiser! One problem that nonprofits encounter when throwing fundraisers is entry control. Using golf wristbands, you can easily distinguish your guests from other golfers and prevent unpaid entry to your event. 

Types of Golf Wristbands 

Vinyl Wristbands 

Vinyl wristbands are the ideal choice for your golf fundraiser. Odds are your golf course of choice is a classier establishment—you should choose a band type that offers extended durability, maximum comfort, and extra convenience. All our vinyl golf wristbands feature a reliable locking closure that prevents tampering and ensures that the band will remain securely around the wrist. 

The convenience component comes into play especially when you use cash tag wristbands. These bands feature either three or five easily-removable tabs that can be used in raffles or to redeem food and beverage.  

Plastic Wristbands 

Plastic wristbands are similar to our vinyl wristbands in terms of their construction. Like our vinyl offerings, they feature a locking snap for security purposes, and can accommodate any wrist size. They are also exceptionally durable and can be used for long-term events lasting up to seven days.  

Tyvek Wristbands 

Tyvek wristbands are our most economical option. Made from strong, synthetic fibers, Tyvek offers a low-cost material for short-term wristbands. These bands are waterproof, tear-resistant, and recyclable. Each band features a secure adhesive which prevents the bands from being removed accidentally.  

Cloth Wristbands 

Cloth wristbands are as comfortable as they are secure. Preferred for elegant fundraisers, cloth golf wristbands are suitable for extended use and need not be disposed of after your event. In fact, many choose to hold onto these bands as mementos of the fun they had and to show support for your cause long after the event has concluded. 

Raise Money with Silicone Wristbands 

Wristband Resources also offers silicone wristbands which offer an excellent, inexpensive way to raise money for your organization and raise awareness for a great cause. The next time you host a fundraising event, consider selling these fun bracelets at your event, or including them in the price of admission. These bands can be worn for years and offer a simple, effortless way to start a conversation about your cause.  

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