Disposable Wristbands

While all wristbands can technically be discarded, when we speak to the styles considered to be true disposable wristbands, we are often referring to bands made from the lightweight, waterproof material called Tyvek®. Because these bands are cost effective, recyclable, and intended for single-use scenarios, they are a top pick amongst disposable id wristbands.

Tyvek® disposable wristbands paper styles are 10” long, come in two width sizes (¾” and 1”), and are offered in an array of band varieties including sequential numbering, duplicate numbering, tab-free, and tear-off stubs. You may also add a touch of personalization to your disposable wristbands; custom messages and logos may be implemented on all styles. We also carry blank but colored bands; our favorite amongst customers looking for reasonably priced, throwaway bands are the ¾” Tyvek® solids. With over 20+ colors available including blue, red, yellow, and green disposable arm bands, these bracelets are ideal for short term events where objectives such as identifying patrons or tracking attendance are key. And with stock available in 100 and 500 count packs, with unit costs ranging from $5 to $20 respectively, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank for a product you’re inevitably going to scrap once done using!

But our Tyvek® bands aren’t the only ones we consider or recommend as being disposable choices… our plastic and vinyl styles are excellent picks as well, especially when you have a one-time purpose that spans the course of a few days. These hardy bracelets are equipped with snap closures that must be destroyed in order to be removed; this prevents reapplication or transferability. So if you have an event that lasts for an entire weekend or week for that matter, the strength and endurance further displayed by these bands makes selecting them a no-brainer. And once the event is over, simply cut the band off and dispose of it- one and done, just like that!