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Halloween Paper Wristbands

Americans love haunted attractions, so much so that of the roughly $7 billion they spend annually on Halloween, $300 million of that goes specifically towards haunted houses. Partaking in a spooky experience with friends and family has become a staple activity of the fall season for many.

Because of this, owners of haunted attractions are seeing steady rises of patronage for their businesses. So how do they provide the best visitor experience in return while simultaneously reducing overhead costs, decreasing access times, and improving security? Below we share how wristband and lanyard solutions from Wristband Resources can ensure a profitable and successful fall 2019.

Wristbands and Lanyards for Haunted Houses

Improve Access Times + Streamline Your Gate Entry Operations 

Wristband Resources knows that safety, security, and crowd control are top priorities when it comes to maintaining your seasonal operation. While our haunted attraction audience knows this well, other similar enterprises can also relate. Whether your business is family-friendly and more agriculture focused, or high-tech and futuristic, our Halloween paper wristbands and lanyards will help you maintain an orderly, efficient, and fast method of greeting and admitting your guests.

Our customers who run ventures such as corn mazes, haunted houses/ships/parks, pumpkin patches, agritourism, and harvest festivals, know all too well the advantages of using wristbands to offset certain operational challenges. Some of the common issues solved through the use of our wrist bracelets include:

  • Controlling fluctuating traffic during peak times with color-coded bands
  • Eradicating counterfeit access or transferring of tickets by employing custom designs
  • Managing strict venue capacity restrictions with sequential numbering
  • Reducing bottle necks and long lines through swift wristband application

Additionally, Wristband Resources' wristbands are equipped with tamper-resistant closures so you don’t have to worry about patrons sharing their ticket or gaining access to restricted areas. In the image below, we demonstrate how each style of wristband maintains security in a simple, non-intrusive manner.

Halloween Paper Wristbands

Maximizing Visitor Experience + Planning for Next Year

Plastic Wristbands with QR Codes

With each passing year, guests become more eager in anticipation of a newer, bigger, and better rendition of your haunted experience. Knowing and exceeding your customers’ expectations can prove a challenging feat, but at Wristband Resources, we believe the key to meeting many of those demands lies right on your customers’ wrists.

Go the custom wristband route, and you can personalize wristbands with QR or bar codes that allow you to acquire the variable data you wish to learn about your guests that may have been tedious and time consuming to build otherwise. For example:

  • Compare general admission vs VIP/upgrade passes sales
  • Identify your most popular demographic by comparing youth vs adult ticket sales
  • Analyze the profitability of individual vs group packages

Whatever qualitative factors you’re looking to define can be achieved through the scanning of these codes found on your wristbands, further enabling you to properly plan for your guests’ needs in the upcoming year.

Another aspect of providing a positive customer experience, especially for haunted attractions, is reassuring your guests that there is no legitimate danger and help can be attained quickly if necessary. The best way to accomplish this lies within the identification of your staff, a practice made seemingly effortless through the use of our custom lanyards. Lanyards are multi-functional as they may serve as ID badges and/or support keycards. They allow for full color designs and can be used repeatedly, making them an economical choice to include as part of your employee “uniforms.”

Lanyards for Staff Identification

And while using wristbands as your ticketing system may seem like a no-brainer, it can sometimes prove difficult narrowing down which style best suits your end use. However, there are certain features we make sure are present in all our wristband styles. First, the option to customize is available across all band materials; whether it’s Tyvek®, plastic, silicone, etc., you can implement your own personalized design specific to your attraction. Additionally, all Wristband Resources' wrist bracelets are waterproof and comfortable to wear for hours on end. Finally, all styles have product lines that can be shipped the same day, so we have you covered if you need a quick wristband solution. To view our various styles in more detail and compare the characteristics of each, check out our Wristband Buying Guide.

Create a Buzz + Raise Money for Charity

Tyvek Wristbands with QR Codes

Once your haunted house, corn maze, or harvest festival is up and running, you want to get the word out to as many people as possible before the season ends. So how do you create a buzz and get your visitors to not only tell their friends, but frequent your attraction more than once? There are small but impactful ways to make every experience unique and buzzworthy. Listed below are some of our favorite methods for achieving this:

  • Incorporate QR codes on your wristbands that when scanned with a smartphone, take attendees directly to a webpage where they can leave a review, tag/share on social media, or donate to a featured charity
  • Use custom silicone wristbands for grassroots advertising or as a “trophy” for completing / “making it out alive” of your haunted experience
  • Collaborate with other haunt or agritourism businesses with a cross-promotion sponsored and validated only with your wristband

Managing a smooth admissions process start to finish, as traffic ebbs and flows, all while maintaining a superior level of exceptional customer service, is a challenge for nearly all seasonal attraction businesses. Here at Wristband Resources, we understand and uphold the significance of this. With our decades of knowledge and proficiencies earned from partnering with the haunt and agritourism industries, we are confident in our abilities to fit you with the perfect solution, aimed at providing your guests with an amazing experience season after season, year after year!



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