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Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits

The popularity of Livestrong bracelets has clearly shown us that a wearable fundraising campaign is a powerful tool for nonprofits to get the donations and support they need to tackle the year ahead. Read on for the ways we recommend getting started with fundraising bracelets of your own and achieving your 2019 goals.

fundraising strategies for nonprofits

Do the Right People Know About Your Nonprofit Organization?

Instead of going the traditional advertising route, consider the best use of your fundraising budget for the audience you are talking to. Additionally, consider the most effective tools and/or giveaway items that you can use as conversation starters around your mission when interacting with potential donors.

Whether your awareness or fundraising campaigns are big or small, it’s important to work smarter, not harder. According to Giving USA Foundation, 71% of the United States’ charitable giving comes from individuals vs. businesses/organizations, therefore it’s important to tailor your fundraising to reach the individuals most eager to show their support.

We see endless nonprofit organizations exceed their fundraising goals with silicone bracelets for a number of reasons. Bracelets are quick and easy to hand out at events by your volunteers, they're powerful giveaway to your donors, and they fit just about any wrist, too. You may be asking yourself - just how successful are bracelet fundraising campaigns really? Read on to see how we use the popularity of Livestrong bracelets as an example for leading your own successful wearable campaign. 

When You Think of the Livestrong Bracelet Movement - What Comes to Mind?


Most likely, it’s a yellow, silicone rubber bracelet that millions of people wear in support of cancer research and survivors.

To date, 80 million Livestrong bracelets have been sold and subsequently inspired charitable organizations all over the United States to sell their own awareness bracelets. Livestrong has already made silicone bracelets easily recognizable, so why not harness that popularity for your own grassroots campaign?

Designing your own awareness wristbands makes educating and reaching more people easier and faster. And the best part is, you can personalize your wristbands with whatever visual elements best express your nonprofit’s message - all in under five minutes - using our customization tool.

Feeling Inspired to Make Your Own Custom Livestrong Bracelets?

live strongbracelets

The process of customizing any number of wristbands is made incredibly simple on Simply follow steps 1-6 of our customization tool to handpick the details for your eye-catching and durable silicone bracelets.

Choose from the following options:

  • Over 115 band colors including segmented, swirl, glow and solid colors
  • Over 25 different imprint colors to complement the color of your wristbands
  • Six different band sizes, as well as six imprinting styles that range from etched, engraved, and printed (adult and youth)
  • Over 20 different fonts to represent your unique brand

If you would rather leave the designing to our wristband experts, contact our Customer Service Team via email at, or call 1-888-256-0816 to speak with someone directly.

Work with Wristband Resources for your Livestrong-inspired, silicone bracelets and we guarantee you will not only have the highest quality product in your hands, but you will partner with a business that truly cares about making your 2019 fundraising goals a reality. Contact us today!

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