Wristbands for Covid - Screening, Vaccination, & Social Distancing

Written by Michele Wheat


The year 2020 will be one that we will remember forever. It was the year the world shut down due to the biggest global pandemic we have ever faced, Covid. As time moves on you hear less and less about covid, but it is still very relevant and serious still today. We are just getting smarter at the tools we use to prevent a massive outbreak like the one that happened in 2020. One of the most important tools that helped stop the spread is wristbands!

Wristbands are a great tool to slow the spread and keep everyone as safe as possible when it comes to the Corona Virus. When it comes to covid 19 some of the main ways wristbands can be used include screening, showing vaccination status, and showing social distancing status. They can be used anywhere as well such as in hospitals, weddings, water parks, and so on. Wristbands are also great to prevent covid in many different ways because wristbands come in so many different materials, colors, and sizes. 

Wristbands for Covid Vaccine Status

Covid Vaccine wristbands are wristbands that a person or event coordinator can buy as stock wristbands or customized wristbands. Vaccination wristbands for covid-19 help to show off and be an indication of someone's vaccination status (vaccinated or not vaccinated). They also help erase the uncertainty of whether or not someone is vaccinated while out in public or at an event due to being a straightforward indication. Furthermore, vaccination wristbands can be very nice for events that are vaccination mandatory. How this works is a patron can receive an event wristband when they are vaccination checked and pass. 

Covid Wristbands for Screening

Screening for covid can be very important to stop the spread and keep the coronavirus from breaking out again. Screening involves testing your body for being positive for the virus or not. Testing for the virus can take place in many places and now there are many different forms of tests. Either way, many screening locations to keep people organized and safe use screening wristbands. These wristbands help the screening workers and patients know the who, what, where, when, and how of the testing parameters and location. For example, a wristband can have a patient's name, type of test, location, time, and so on of their test to make it easy on them and everyone involved.

Covid Social Distancing Wristbands

Different colored wristbands for covid make the perfect social distancing indicators at events and anywhere out in public. People even started getting creative and were using our wristbands at their weddings, funerals, birthday parties and so much more. Colored bracelets for covid tend to be the colors green, yellow, and red. People wear a specific color based on their social contact comfortability. 

When a person wears a green bracelet for covid 19 it tends to mean the person is comfortable with close interactions going within 6 feet, even including a high-five or handshake. A yellow covid bracelet tends to mean the person is still being cautious due to the pandemic and needs their space for the most part, but most likely is okay with indirect contact such as an elbow bump. Lastly, a red wristband being worn by someone due to covid means the person wants at least 6 feet of space and wants no contact with others, no questions asked.