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When it comes to identification solutions, plastic wristbands are next level. Assembled from 3 layers of material, they feature a water, stretch, and tear-proof core that is both flexible and comfortable. The laminated, wrinkle-resistant surface supports custom imprinting, numbering, and barcoding, giving plastic wristbands their elevated, superior feel. Sized to fit any wrist and equipped with a one-time-use snap closure, plastic bands cannot be removed/reworn once applied, and thus serve to further enhance an event or organization’s credibility and authority. Favored for multi-day uses (roughly 3-7 days in duration), plastic wristbands prove beneficial at air shows, corporate events, hotels/resorts, medical/urgent care clinics, racetracks, waterparks and more!

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Frequently Asked Plastic Wristband Questions

  • How do you remove a plastic bracelet?

    Plastic wristbands are considered one-time-use bands. This is due to their snap closure that locks them into place once applied to the wrist. Due to this the easiest way to remove a plastic band after you’re done wearing is to cut it off with a scissors or knife. Make sure to be careful!

  • What are those plastic wristbands called?

    Our wristbands that are made from 3 layers of polyethylene and polyester are referred to simply as 'plastic wristbands.' But people also tend to call them names such as waterpark wristbands, hotel wristbands, and other names along those lines. 

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