Women’s History Month Wristbands

Written by Michele Wheat


Sojourner Truth. Susan B. Anthony. Marie Curie. These are just a few of the many influential figures that we recognize for having impacted, shaped, and built America. Every year, these women and more are celebrated for their contributions throughout history, society, and culture, in a movement known as Women’s History Month.

What Is It?

Not that long ago, there was a prevailing perception that women did little of importance or value; young girls had seemingly few role models to look up to, and the need for a more female-focused perspective was obvious. So in 1980, the National Women’s History Project (NWHP) was founded in Santa Rosa, California as a way to “recognize and celebrate the diverse and historic accomplishments of women by providing information, educational materials, and programs.” The organization would go on to successfully lobby Congress to designate an official Women’s History Month, which has been proclaimed by the President each year since its inception in 1987. The NWHP was renamed in 2018 to the National Women’s History Alliance (NWHA) in an effort to better strengthen connections among women’s institutions throughout the country. However, the goal of the non-profit and its supporters has remained the same: to educate and train on the importance of women's historical contributions.

Women's History Month is celebrated annually in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia every March, with International Women's Day further observed globally every March 8th.

Celebrating Women's History Month With Silicone Wristbands

Colored silicone wristbands are frequently used by causes and movements around the world to spread their mission and message. They also serve to unite those with similar passions and interests. For Women's History Month and International Women’s Day, purple silicone wristbands are often used to designate advocacy. They are typically personalized with various female empowerment symbols and themes, and are used to promote and raise awareness for a plethora of women’s services (i.e. health/medical, educational, financial, domestic, etc.).

To demonstrate your affiliation and support of Women’s History Month, you can design your own durable silicone bracelets right from our website. To begin, select your preferred inscription method (printed, debossed, ink injected, color coat, embossed, embossed printed); bandwidth; band colors/patterns (solid, segmented, swirl, glow-in-the-dark); adult/youth sizes; and any add-ons like keychain conversion and individual bagging. To make your Women's History Month theme stand out even more, customize the bands with the font, ink color (if applicable), format, and messaging of your choice. Upload your own logos/graphics if you wish, or choose from the hundreds of clipart options we offer. From there, pick your preferred delivery date- and you’re done!  If you have a design request that cannot be achieved via our online customization tool (ex: multiple ink or specific Pantone [PMS] colors, distinct bandwidth measurements, precise structuring/placement of text/artwork, etc.), no worries! Our Wristband Resources Customer Service Team is here Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm CST, and ready to assist. Call 1.888.256.0816 or email info@wristband.com, and we will take care of the rest!