Wrists at Work: The Basics of Crocheting


Written by Michele Wheat

Crochet has become a popular craft and hobby throughout the years. It may seem like a difficult hobby to jump into, but with some time, practice, and patience you can become a pro in no time. Once you learn the different stitches and techniques in crochet, you can put your wrists to work and create amazing projects. Some popular crochet projects that people enjoy are blankets, scarves, winter hats, and baby toys. These projects can make great gifts to give on special occasions too. There are so many great resources to help get you started with crochet, including free patterns and step by step instruction videos. Here are just a few to help get you started.

  • How to Crochet for Beginners: Check this site out for a complete beginner's guide to learn how to crochet. It includes tips on supplies, how to hold the crochet hooks, and on learning how to make different knots.
  • Crochet! Magazine: Learn all about Crochet from this magazine which features tips, yarn calculators, and different patterns to try.
  • Bluprint Crochet: Find everything you need to know about crochet by watching Bluprint's videos and lessons.
  • Interweave Crochet: Explore Interweave's free crochet resources, patterns, ebooks, and videos.
  • Learn Single Crochet: Follow these easy instructions to learn how to make a single crochet stitch.
  • LoveCrochet: You can find countless free patterns to inspire your next crochet project from this site.
  • Crochet Lessons for Right Handers: Learn the different types of crochet stitches for right handers with this easy to follow guide for beginners.
  • How to Crochet: Lion Brand Yarn will teach you the basics of crochet through videos and step by step guides with pictures. You can also purchase yarn for your crochet projects here.
  • Crochet Coach: Crochet Coach offers lessons, patterns, and resources to help you understand th world of crochet.
  • Caring Crochet Kit Club: Here you can purchase crochet kits to create projects for those in need.
  • Knitpicks: Find all you need and more to get started with crochet including patterns, books, tools, hooks, and yarn.
  • Annie's Catalog- How to Crochet: Learn how to make a slip knot and chain stitch from Annie's Catalog with these helpful videos, step by step instructions, and illustrations.
  • The Great Courses- Crochet Basics and Beyond: You can take this course to learn the basic stitches, tools, and techniques you need to get started with crochet.
  • AllFreeCrochet: This site offers great step by step tutorials on all of the basic crochet stitches you should know, along with their abbreviations that you might come across in some crochet patterns.
  • Make and Do Crew: Watch these tutorials and you will learn over 30 different stitches for blankets and afghan projects.
  • Free-Crochet: Use this helpful glossary of common crochet terms to navigate the craft world.
  • All Crafts: Find over 50 free crochet stitch and technique tutorials to help you learn more about crochet.
  • How to Crochet the Moss Stitch: Follow these instructions to learn how to make the moss stitch in crochet, this stitch makes for a beautiful texture in the fabric.
  • Crystals and Crochet: Learn how to make a foundation stitch in crochet with these instructions.
  • Skillshare- Crochet: This site will help teach you how to make the four core crochet stitches: chain, single crochet, double crochet, and half-double crochet.
  • Little Monkey's Crochet: Follow these patterns and learn how to crochet wrist warmers for the colder weather.
  • Kirsten holloway designs: Follow these tips to prevent pain in your fingers, wrists, and elbows while learning how to crochet.
  • History of Crochet Patterns: Learn all about the history of crochet and when the first patterns were created in the world.
  • Crochet Concupiscence: If you are interested in learning about when and where crochet was started, take a look at this timeline of some important events in crochet history.
  • Crochet is the Way: This site explores the history of a common crochet needle and brand, Boye.
  • Heart Hook Home: Adults shouldn't have all of the fun, here are 12 helpful ways to teach children how to crochet too.
  • 9 Easy Crochet Projects for Kids: Kids will have a blast learning to crochet by making any of these projects.
  • A Little Craft in Your Day: Help children learn how to crochet with help from this list of fun books.
  • Crochet for Kids: You and your child can work together to create great projects from these five free patterns.
  • Whistle and Ivy Craft Crochet Create: Looking for a gift for a special child in your life? This site has a ton of kid oriented project ideas from Mickey Mouse ears to a pair of slippers.