Fundraising for Sports Teams

Written by Michele Wheat

Being part of an organized sports team can provide great benefits for youth, including proven social and academic boosts for those who participate in them. Team sports and their advantages are not just for kids, either. Sports are a great way for adults to socialize and get the recommended amount of weekly exercise while having fun and relieving stress.

Unfortunately, organized sports may also be quite expensive to participate in. Many leaders and coaches have difficulty figuring out how to raise money for a sports team in order to cover expenses like equipment, travel, and uniforms. Some fundraisers might have a cost upfront where it is necessary to purchase a minimum inventory for selling a certain product. Other times, sports teams may host events like a car wash or barbeque to raise funds. These may result in low participation can potentially raise less money than what was spent on planning the event in the first place.

The Best Fundraiser Ideas for Sports Teams

The best fundraising ideas for sports teams are those that are easy to run, are fun, and have a connection to the team itself. Parents and community members who support the fundraiser often appreciate something with the team name, slogan, or mascot. Tangible, personalized items make great fundraising ideas for teams, as they both support the team's activities financially and promote team spirit and unity.

Deciding among fundraising ideas for teams to pick the best one for your team can be challenging, but keep it simple and easy. Consider personalized wristbands with your sports team's name or logo printed on it. When team supporters buy the team's wristband, they will be durable enough to last for several seasons. They could even be used as season ticketholder IDs. Wristbands are one of the best fundraising options because it requires little work up front by coaches or team leaders, and can be a quick solution when the fundraiser needs to happen within a tight deadline. Our fast turnaround time ensures that your wristbands are in hand and ready to be sold as fundraisers quickly.

Wristband Resources offers customizable silicone wristbands for resale as sport team fundraisers and more temporary paper-like Tyvek® wristbands that are perfect for admissions to your teams sporting events. Bracelets come in a variety of colors. They can all be personalized with your sports team name, or you can choose from our library of clipart. Printing can be done either via imprinting, which is the quickest method, or it can be debossed indented or embossed raised. When you order online in bulk, you'll be guaranteed low prices and fast processing. Most orders can be shipped in as little as 1 business day.

Start Your Team's Wristband Fundraiser Today

When looking for fundraising ideas for sports teams, look no further than Wristband Resources. Buy your customized wristbands and start fundraising today. Most orders can be completely designed online, but if for any reason you are not able to create the product you are looking for on our website, contact us. We can work with you to create the ideal wristband for your team's fundraiser. Even after you have placed your order, our excellent staff is ready to offer you the highest quality customer service and answer any questions you have.