Fundraising for Churches

Written by Michele Wheat

Looking for unique church fundraising ideas? When exploring how to raise money for church projects, a congregation will find a variety of options, but some are better than others. One of the latest ways to raise money for church mission projects or other undertakings is with silicone wristbands, which are popular items that often practically sell themselves. At Wristband Resources, we would love to help you explore your options for customized bracelets as one of your potential church fundraising ideas.

Why Wristbands for a Church Fundraising Idea?

With the broad array of church fundraising ideas available, you may wonder why you should consider wristbands. Many people enjoy the bright colors of these bracelets as well as the messages imprinted on them. They are extremely durable, so they last a long time. You can design customized wristbands in a variety of colors and styles to create exactly the look you want. It's also easy to combine wristbands with other church fundraiser ideas such as T-shirts or hats to raise even more money. With attractively low prices, you can purchase more wristbands for less money, which can raise your profit margin. This positive bottom line means a greater impact for your organization.

Effective Fundraising Ideas for Church

Producing wristbands with a message and selling them is one of the most common fundraiser ideas for church projects, but there are other options to explore as well. Some organizations use the bracelets in different and inventive ways. When planning a fundraising event with a speaker or some type of celebrity, you could sell tickets and use wristbands to tag people who have purchased entrance to the event. You could also indicate different groups of people with event access with different-colored bracelets. For example, VIP guests might have red bands and event volunteers might have purple bracelets. When hosting a raffle for your church, you might add numbers to customized wristbands and give them to people as raffle tickets. Everyone can check their wristbands to see whether they have a winning number.

High Quality, Low Cost Church Fundraising Idea

At Wristband Resources, we offer a variety of both custom and stock wristbands to fit virtually any budget and style requirement. We welcome your specific fundraising ideas for church projects, and we will work with you to create exactly the product you want. We are proud of the wristbands we produce, and we are continuously working to improve our products and our printing methods. We make different printing methods available for our customers, including imprinting, debossing, and embossing. With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, we have the expertise needed to produce the highest-quality bracelets. We also offer volume-discounted pricing for bulk orders. Some stock items are available for online purchase with same-business-day shipping for a super-fast turnaround. We have live online help with representatives standing by to help you. Contact us today with your questions or to place an order. Our representatives remain available to answer your questions and provide support after your order is placed as well. Let us know how we can help with your next church fundraiser to keep your budget in the black.