Custom Paper Crafts for Kids

Written by Michele Wheat

On a rainy day when you can't go outside, it can seem like there's nothing to do, but the truth is that there are a whole bunch of neat things you can make to pass the time, and many of them can be made out of paper and not much else. Try out things like origami, the art of paper-folding, or other types of paper crafts and you might even end up with a cool present to give your parents or a friend!


Origami is an ancient Japanese art. Just by folding paper, you can make all sorts of shapes, both 2-D and 3-D. You could even make a paper airplane. Try making different types of airplanes and see which one flies the farthest! You might also want to personalize your paper planes by coloring the paper before you fold it. But planes aren't all you can make by folding paper. You can also make flat shapes like dog faces or 3-D objects like a cube or a frog that can jump!


Papier-mâché can be fun, but it's a little messy, so you'll want to ask your mom or dad for help. To make something with papier-mâché, you'll need a special type of glue and a bunch of paper that's cut or torn into strips. First, you'll need to make your own glue, which you can usually make with flour and water. Once you make the glue, dip the paper strips in it one at a time, then drape them over something that will help you form the shape you're trying to make, like a bowl or a blown-up balloon. Keep layering on the paper strips until you have a nice, solid layer of glue and paper, then leave it to dry. Then, you can pull your creation off of the form you used and decorate it with paint or markers. You can make all sorts of things using this form of paper art, like bowls, globes, or jewelry. You might even make mountains or buildings!

Other Types of Paper Crafts

You don't always need glue to make things out of paper. Sometimes, you don't need much more than paper and a pair of scissors. For instance, you could make custom greeting cards out of paper, which you can decorate with crayons, markers, or even glitter and give to people for holidays or their birthdays.

You can also make some neat things by folding paper and then cutting it. Try making a chain of paper dolls or even paper trees or fish! You could also make a whole snowstorm of snowflakes on a snowy day using just paper and scissors.

Of course, you could also make paper chains, which are fun to use to decorate a Christmas tree or just to drape around your house. All you need to do to make a paper chain is cut a bunch of construction paper into strips, fold one around and tape it to form a loop, then keep adding loops to make a chain.