Wristbands with Tabs

Events and venues alike require simple, low-budget security solutions to aid in their admission processes. That is where wristbands come in. One of our most popular offerings is our tabbed vinyl wristbands, which are designed for maximum durability and comfort. There are many reasons why an event or venue might choose to use wristbands with tabs, mostly revolving around guest experience and convenience.

wristbands with tabs

Reasons to Try Wristbands with Tabs

Go Cashless

Using wristbands with tabs, you can eliminate the need for cash at your venue or event. This helps cut down on theft and fraud. It also adds value to the guest experience by making it so they don’t need to open their wallets to make payments—everything is included with admission.

Charge More

Using wristbands with tabs, you can charge more for admission to your event or venue. Rather than simply charging for the price of admission, you can also charge for food and beverage, game tickets, raffle entries, and more—all under one wristband!

Keep Guests Under Control

Sometimes when alcohol is served at your venue, guest behavior can get a bit… rowdy. When you use tabbed wristbands as drink ticket wristbands, you put a cap on the number of alcoholic beverages your guests consume. This ensures that all your guests can enjoy good, safe fun.

Create a Convenient Experience

The easiest way to ensure a positive guest experience is to ensure that they have everything the need to enjoy themselves right from their wrists. Using tabbed wristbands, your guests can order refreshments, play games, enter raffles, and more.

tabbed wristbands

Tabbed Wristband Specs

Each of our vinyl tabbed wristbands offers a secure locking snap that prevents tampering and ensures that the band must be destroyed to be removed. Each band is 9.25” by 5/8” and offers plenty of printable space. We use three layers of vinyl ensuring a soft, comfortable texture and enough durability to be used for up to two weeks.

We offer bands with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7 tabs. Using our online configurator, you can design the perfect tabbed wristbands for your event or venue. Add graphics and logos, text, and fonts to your bands for a truly unique and personalized experience.

Get Started with Wristbands with Tabs

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