Campaign Wristbands

Running for local, city, or state office, and need a cost-effective, widespread method to make a lasting impression with your constituents? Perhaps you want to build your majority as you compete for a seat on your school’s student council? Or maybe you’re starting a grass roots effort to win a coveted spot on homecoming or prom court? Regardless of the position or title you’re vying for, campaign wristbands from Wristband Resources are an innovative and memorable way to help you get elected.

For starters, election wristbands allow you to get your name, message, and intentions out to the masses quickly and easily. Silicone and cloth bands are especially ideal for this purpose because they can be customized with the colors, logo, motto or slogan that fits within your campaign theme. And since both styles have the ability to be reused, you’re guaranteed to garner longevity from their wear. After all, the longer your political wristbands are in circulation, the better the chances of potential voters seeing them. They are also valuable fundraising items. Since they can be manufactured in bulk and potentially cost mere cents per unit, these durable bracelets can help groups raise money through reselling efforts, which in turn further promotes the cause and party/candidate strategy.

Tamperproof voting wristbands also bring their own set of benefits to the campaign trail. For example, some municipalities are now using Tyvek® wristbands to replace the ever-popular “I Voted” sticker. These paper-like bracelets have made their way to the polls because they are one size fits all and can be personalized with any color scheme or pattern imaginable. Tyvek® bands are also sequentially numbered so they have the ability to keep track of how many people have already voted.

But our other one-time-use bands also have their place in the electoral arena… for instance, our plastic bands are available in stock designs such as age verified and VIP. These prove extremely helpful in convention or balloting places where the wristband can serve as proof of legal voting age and access granted to restricted areas. Our vinyl wristband styles are also advantageous to use on Election Day; not only are they customizable like all products, but they are offered in cash tag versions as well. The tear-off tickets can be redeemed for food, drinks, and prizes- perfect for the victory party that is bound to ensue after the polls close!