Animal ID Bands - Animal ID Paw Bands

Animal Identification Bands - Perfect for veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and more

Animal identification bands (or animal ID bands) are an easy, cost-effective way to ensure the safety and security of the animals in your facility’s care. An animal ID band can be used by any facility that works with animals including veterinary clinics, breeders, kennels, or animal rescues and shelters.

Purpose of Animal ID Band

Animal ID neck bands or animal ID paw bands serve a valuable purpose. It prevents mix-ups when working with animals of the same breed. If an animal is lost and ends up wandering to another part of the facility, it is easy to identify who the animal is and help them return to the right location. All someone has to do is look at the information on the animal neck id band.

Wristband Resources offers several different options for disposable collars. Each disposable pet id band option comes in a variety of colors so different color bands can be used for different purposes. For example, one color can be dedicated to animals needing surgery, while another color could be used for animals that are being boarded for a few days.

The different options for disposable pet identification tags are:

Tyvek® Paper ID Collars

These paper -like bands are a great option for veterinary ID collars or animal shelter ID bands. Tyvek® is a non-toxic, antimicrobial, and pH neutral textile that is both strong and resilient.

A one-time use, cost-effective style, we see customers use these paper ID collars for animals separated from their owners for a few hours up to a few days. The Tyvek® band is ten inches long and is perfect to use as cat ID bands or small dog ID bands. If needed, two bands can be fastened together for larger animals.

The band can be written on directly with a marker, so important information can be added such as the animal’s name and vital care information. The pet ID bands can also be customize printed to include text or graphics such as the name of the veterinary clinic or the address of the animal shelter.

Plastic ID Collars

Assembled from specialized layers of polyethylene and polyester, plastic pet id bands feature water, stretch, and tear-proof cores that are both flexible and comfortable. Equipped with formidable, locking snap-closures, plastic bands cannot be removed or transferred without evidence of tampering. This makes them reliable identification solutions.

One band is great to use as plastic puppy ID collars, cat ID bands, small dog ID bands, or for other small animals. If needed, two bands (or more), can snap together for larger dogs or bigger animals.  Plastic pet ID bands can also be written on directly with a marker, so important information can easily be captured. Custom text or graphics such as a logo can be printed to the plastic bands if desired.

Direct Thermal - Printable Animal ID Bands

Direct thermal bands are designed to make animal id bands printable. Using a direct thermal printer, you are able to print on the bands on demand. The bands will stay on in water, and the imprint will not come off.

Our bands are compatible with Zebra printers and they are also compatible with most other direct thermal printers.  The direct thermal bands are 11” x 11’ have a 1” core with a roll diameter of 4.125”. Each 500 pack will contain two rolls of bands with 250 bands per roll.

Frequently Asked Animal ID Wristband Questions

  • What animal ID bands are best for multiple day use?

    Tyvek bands are best for one-time use, approximately 1-2 days. Plastic bands can be used for 3-7 days for longer animal stays.

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