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RFID Hotel Wristbands

There is a good chance you have used RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology before. Whether you are making a touch-free payment with your debit card, unlocking access to a facility, or getting a passport scanned at an airport, you are using RFID. You can find RFID at the vet, in healthcare, in the automotive industry—heck, you can even find it at Disneyland! Some of the best hotels in the world have begun putting RFID technology into their wristbands. Using RFID hotel wristbands, the hospitality industry can reap the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

RFID hotel wristbands

Benefits of RFID Hotel Wristbands


RFID wristbands can be programmed and reprogrammed as many times as necessary. For guests, you can ask that they return their bands as part of the checkout process so you can reprogram them and issue them for a new guest.

For employees, you can use RFID wristbands to grant access to certain employee-only areas of your facility and track which employees are entering and exiting different areas for security purposes. Should an employee’s employment be terminated, you can deactivate their RFID tag. You can then use the same tag for your new hire.

Easy to Use

Long gone are the days of digging through your pockets or wallet for your room’s keycard. With RFID hotel wristbands, your keycard is right on your wrist! If your hotel also has a bar or restaurant, your guests can save payment information to their RFID tag and make payments with just a quick tap, creating a better overall experience.


Our rubber RFID wristbands can be worn both indoors and outdoors because they are 100% waterproof. These bands are perfect for resort hotels that have pools, hot tubs, and other natural bodies of water nearby. Your guests won’t have to worry about having to take them off in certain situations.

RFID hotel wristbands

More Uses for RFID in Hotels

Inventory Management

RFID tags can also be used to keep track of inventory. To do so, hotels embed RFID tags on items they wish to track. A few common examples include uniforms, linens, and minibar items. These tags can alert staff members when running low on certain items, making ordering more at the right time easier.

Theft Prevention

Hotels experience a lot of theft. From pillows to cutlery, hair dryers to robes, hotels usually have a line item in their budget to account for stolen items. Hotels have begun putting RFID tags on commonly stolen items to reduce theft. These tags alert staff when an item has left the building, allowing them to try to recover the item.

Get Started with RFID

Hotels everywhere are adopting RFID wristbands, and so should you. Wristband Resources™ makes it very easy to get started with RFID hotel wristbands. We customize them to fit the exact branding of your business. We also offer a variety of wristband materials, including silicone, Tyvek, cloth, and plastic.

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