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Security Control Wristbands

The modern generation’s behavior and contributions towards the economy has shaped our culture in a very unique way. Gone is the day where buying and owning more and more material goods reigns supreme…instead, society’s attitude regarding the marketplace has been replaced with the prioritization of experiences over products.

Given this, the leisure and entertainment industry has reacted by offering more enhanced events and activities than ever before. Music festivals, escape rooms, fun runs, fan conventions…the list of things to do is endless. And no one knows this better than the all-encompassing world of sports.


Still, with advances in technology bringing gameplay directly to consumers through the television and computer screen, sports arenas are now executing newer, more innovative ways of keeping their fans coming back to fill their stadium seats. And here at Wristband Resources, we do everything we can to support their efforts. Read on to find out how our finest products are put to work to guarantee these events are enjoyable for all, no matter who wins or loses the game!

How We've Moved the Goalposts in the World of Stadium and Sports Ticketing 

One of the biggest challenges faced by sporting arenas is how to make their facilities safe and secure for everyone. When you consider that some stadiums and sports grounds can house as many as 80,000 visitors at one time, it makes sense that there be a fast and efficient ticketing system in place. And while paper tickets have been the primary method of tracking general admission for years, wristbands are quickly proving to be a worthy alternative.


For starters, wristbands assist with crowd control measures as they don’t require additional staff to physically tear and collect ticket stubs. They also help quantify attendance through the information they contain. Consider our 3/4” Tyvek® wristbands for example. They come sequentially numbered, as well as have the ability to support a QR or bar code. Validating someone’s paid access is thus made easier with a simple scan of the band at time of check-in.  

Our DuPont™ Tyvek® styles are also reinforced with a die-cut, adhesive closure to prevent reuse. In lieu of a free-floating ticket, the band is applied and stays put on the wrist, making loss or misplacement almost impossible.

Ringside Seats Made Better with Wristbands

While sitting front row or even in the nose bleed section of the bleachers is considered a rite of passage by some, many spectators look to amplify their sporting experience by purchasing premium seats. Club levels and luxury boxes/suites offer a bevy of amenities like extended food and beverage options, air conditioning, privacy, and top-notch views of the game.

Because these comforts can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, stadiums strive to ensure only those who’ve paid the fees can gain proper entry. One of the best ways they’ve achieved this is through the use of our cloth wristbands. Cloth bands are made from high-quality fabrics capable of featuring any logo or design; they may also be outfitted with a locking bead so they cannot be removed. Woven or sublimated cloth bracelets provide that sleek look that differentiates the wearer as having permission to access restricted or VIP areas.


But the benefits of wrist bracelets extend beyond authenticating right of entry; they also help stadium personnel monitor other variables they need to track. For example, many club levels have elite lounge and concession areas where they offer special or free perks to members. But with a traditional ticket, it’s next to impossible to put a cap on the amount of freebees awarded.

This is where our vinyl cash tag wristbands come in handy. Equipped with tear off vouchers, the tabs can be redeemed for whatever item is being giving away (food, drinks, raffle tickets, etc.). This in turn helps club level staff immediately qualify those patrons who still have free items allotted to them, as well as those who’ve used their predetermined amount and thus need to pay out of pocket for additional services.

Security Control Wristbands

Keep Your Guests Visiting Again and Again  

Stadiums and arenas do whatever is possible to keep their fans happy and revisiting often, but many external companies look to the stadiums themselves to drive business to their organizations. Sporting events are ideal settings to advertise products and services because so many eyes are in one place, at one time. And although provisions such as the scoreboard, field or fence banners, and Jumbotron are valuable marketing resources, they can be very costly to utilize.

However, choosing to use wristbands as souvenirs given to game attendees is a cost-effective and creative way to promote a business. Our silicone bands and keychains in particular work well for this purpose because they are completely customizable and super durable. And with their ability to be removed and reworn, silicone bracelets have proven to boost a brand’s prominence because repeated wear = repeated exposure to your message.


Another profitable way of driving business through the use of sport wristbands is with sponsorships and cross-promotion. Simply insert a discount or deal onto the wristband design, then offer to stadiums and arenas to use in place of a ticket. Sports goers can then gain access to the event, as well as use the wristband’s loadable coupon for whatever promotion is being offered. This works extremely well for companies looking to steer tailgating and post-show crowds to their establishments immediately preceding or following the game.

Get the Ball Rolling with Wristband Resources 


In a time where the consumer cares most about spending their hard-earned money on fulfilling and memorable experiences, sporting event arenas and stadiums have led the pack with their state-of-the-art facilities and unsurpassed guest services. They are introducing new systems and procedures designed to make their visitors return, and thankfully Wristband Resources has been an integral part of the action.

If you would like to know more about how Wristband Resources can help make your stadium, sporting event, or enterprise more prosperous through the use of wristbands, contact our Customer Service Team via email at, or call 1-888-256-0816 to speak with someone directly.

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