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Security Wristbands for Events

Your busy  season of outdoor events, county fairs, carnivals, and festivals is quickly approaching. How do you start the season on top? Let Wristbands Resources mitigate for the potential risks and hazards that come with bigger events, and create a safe and secure environment for everyone with security wristbands


Where to Start with Safety at Family-Friendly Events

If you’re part of the fast-growing industry of family-friendly events, amusement parks, water parks, etc., you’ll find this section beneficial when ensuring both parents and children feel safe under your watch. So where do you start?

We recommend distributing our bright-colored wristbands at your entrance for parents to fill in with their contact information. We all know how easily our little ones can wander off when we’re not looking, but easy-to-spot neon wristbands can help your security staff quickly reunite a lost child with their family.

Streamline Your Crowd Management Strategy 


Security is important even for events that aren’t aimed at families and children. Streamlining your entrance operations can make an enormous impact on the experience and sense of safety of your paid attendees. Think of the time, money, and confusion that would be saved with better crowd management. With color-coded and/or customize wristbands, you can lower the likelihood of long wait lines or gatecrashers for your customers.

Additionally, we offer numerous other features for keeping your capacity numbers in check, preventing double bag checks or sharing wristbands with unpaid patrons.

security wristbands for events

One popular option are our Tyvek® wristbands with our tamper-resistant die cut adhesive tab. They can only be worn once and are destroyed upon removal, so you’ll know only those that have paid to attend are entering your event. Or – improve efficiency of your security or admission staff with custom plastic or vinyl wristbands that say “security checked” or “bag checked”.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated wristband option, adding serial numbering, QR codes, or barcoding adds further assurance there will be zero counterfeit wristbands entering your gates. These options are available in our Tyvek®, plastic and vinyl security bracelets.

Maintain Security for Backstage and Performance Areas

security wristbands

Now that safety measurements have been put into place for your guests – what about the individuals that help pull off your event? Selecting a variety of colored wristbands with custom text or logos makes differentiating between your staff, talent, press, or organizers a no-brainer.

Not to mention – custom wristbands for your V.I.P. or backstage passes makes it easier to maintain order and ensure guests have the best possible experience at your event.

As the festival and event planning season starts to ramp up, remember that safety should be a top priority when it comes to keeping your customers comfortable and coming back year and year. To learn more about our event and security wristbands, visit our product page here.

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