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Baller Bands | Customized Silicone Sports Bands

What are Baller Bands?

If you watch a lot of basketball on television, there is a good chance that you have seen a player or two on your favorite team wearing wristbands during the game. Perhaps you dismissed this as another trend in athletic apparel, but did you know that these wristbands actually serve a purpose? For starters, the bands fit tightly around the wrist to prevent sweat from getting on the hands, making the ball slippery and more difficult to handle. Secondly, these “baller bands” have meaning. Printed (or embossed) on each band is a message. These are typically to motivate the athlete or bring awareness to a cause.

Who Uses Baller Bands?

While basketball popularized baller bands, they are not the only athletes that wear them. In fact, it isn’t just athletes that wear them. The following are some of the most popular uses of baller bands:

  • High school and college athletics
  • Showing support for a team, cause, or institution
  • Memorializing a passed loved one

One of the most overlooked uses for baller bands is fundraising. When guests attend a fundraiser or charity event, a great way for the organization to add value and continue promotion is through the sale of silicone wristbands. Baller bands are an item that, when bought in bulk, can offer an enormous margin. Not only that, but wristbands provide constant exposure as they do not need to be removed as regularly. Other promotional items such as t-shirts must be washed and are likely not worn nearly as much as a wristband, which can remain on one’s wrist on most occasions.


Custom Baller Bands

Different Types of Custom Baller Bands

There are many different styles of custom baller bands. The difference in these styles comes down to how the text is put on the band. There are five different types of baller bands, giving customers the option to choose the style that fits their needs.


Debossed wristbands are some of the most common baller band styles. Debossed wristbands have text sunken into the band using a laser engraver, which can be felt.


Embossed wristbands are the opposite of debossed wristbands. Embossed wristbands have the text raised from the base of the band.


Printed wristbands have text printed to the band using silk-screen technology, which provides a smooth, sleek finish to the band.


To make ink-injected wristbands, we begin by embossing a silicone wristband before we fill the engraved area with ink. These bands are long-lasting.

Color Coated

Color-coated wristbands are two-toned and fully customizable. The customization gets etched into the exterior layer of the band before being filled with ink matching the interior color of the band.

How to Get Customized Baller Bands

The best thing about getting your baller bands through Wristband Resources is that you are in full control of the customization. First things first, select the type of baller band you would like to order, as well as the band size. We offer bands as small as ¼ inch to as large as 2 inches.

Next, select your preferred color. We offer solid colors as well as segmented and swirl designs. Once you have your color selected, it is time to design your band. You can add text in two different places on the band and up to four graphics.

Lastly, simply select any extras that might interest you and complete the checkout process. Easy as cake!


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