A Resource Guide to Common Wrist Injuries

Written by Michele Wheat

The wrist is a vital part of the human anatomy. It is the part of the body that connects the hand to the arm. It is also the part of the body which suffers a great deal of strain. It is also an area that can have a number of possible injuries.

The human wrist can have a host of problems associated with it. They can range from fractures as a result of falls to arthritis as we age to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which can result from overuse. These problems can affect people of all ages. These afflictions, once identified, can be treated in a number of ways. Treatment methods can range from a period of rest to surgery in extreme circumstances.

Learning more about the wrist and potential health and movement problems associated with the wrist can help you avoid injuries and recover from them quicker. To assist in educating you about the wrist, we have put together the following useful website. We hope this helps you understand the workings of the wrist.


Wrist and Hand Pain and Injuries

Wrist Sprains and Tears

Treatment and Prevention Resources