Cloth Wristbands

Customize cloth wristbands with personal artwork, messages, and/or designs! Cloth wristbands feature two distinct styles, sublimation (designs imprinted onto the wristband) and woven (designs woven into the wristband). Both styles are extremely comfortable, super durable and perfect for festivals, concerts, sporting events, backstage/VIP passes, and make for great souvenirs or collectibles! Both sublimation and woven wristbands are made out of a cloth fabric. All cloth wristbands are available with either self-locking, re-usable or crimping closures. Crimping Closures require a crimping tool which we also have for sale.

Cloth Wristband Features

  • Customize with Text and Logos
  • 13.5" x 0.5"
  • Adjustable to Any Size
  • Includes One-Time or Reusable Closures
  • Water-Proof
  • Durable - Multiple Day Use
  • 15 Business Days Production
Cloth Styles
  • Sublimation Wristbands - designs imprinted onto the wristband
  • Woven Wristbands - designs woven into the wristband

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